What To Write About In A Journal To Achieve Your Goals

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Owning and maintaining your own journal can be both fun and personally rewarding. Some people think writing in a journal is old fashioned, but lots of people still keep journals today!

The problem many people today have with keeping or even starting a journal is that they simply aren’t aware of all the ways a journal can be of used.

A journal could be used by a student in high school or college, an elderly person needing to keep track of all their day-to-day activities or a businessperson who has to sort through all their important meetings for the day.

In this article we’ll be talking about all the creative ways you can use your journal. We’ll also cover things to write about in your journal to maximize its potential and starting a new journal!

A Diary

Gather Your Materials

A diary is a very common, but always great, use for your journal. Diaries are often only thought to be used by children and teens, but people of all ages use daily journals to reflect on their days, months and years.

Writing in a journal every night about your day is a great tool for self-reflection. Not only are you able to express and analyze your thoughts as you are writing them down, you are also able to return to your thoughts months or years later to see how your opinions, views and you yourself have changed over time.

The sorts of topics you can write about in a daily journal are practically endless. You can write about things that happened during your day and how they made you feel. It doesn’t even have to be something that happened to you, it could be something you saw or heard about.

Some of your best diary entries may be while you are traveling and are writing about your days in places you don’t get to be every day. You can write about any thought or feeling you have, as a diary is your unfiltered alone time with just you.

Diet or Exercise Planner

A great way to use your journal is to plan what you’re going to eat on a daily basis and/or your exercise regimen for the week. When it comes to writing down all the foods you’re eating every day, it can be tricky to remember them at the end of the day. A useful tip is to keep your journal with you or nearby so you are able to update it as you go along with your day.

An exercise planner is a great tool to help keep track of which exercises you need to be doing. In many cases, you won’t work out your entire body every day but will split it up into a certain section every day. Because of this, you’ll be doing different exercises every day and it’s important to keep track of them, especially since life can throw you curveballs and there may be days you miss or have to cut short.

Art Journal

What To Write About In A Journal

Journals are usually heavily associated with writing things down in words, but artists commonly keep an art journal for sketches, drawings or any idea that comes into their head.

These drawings can range from a simple rough sketch with no color to fully completed pieces flourishing with color and design, ready to be transported to a canvas! Art journals often come with a different kind of paper to a normal journal so it is important to choose accordingly when selecting your personal art journal.

Notes and Goals

When writing in a journal, not everything needs to be completely organized and purposeful. It’s completely okay to have sections where you just write small notes on things. These can be small things to remember about a book you’re reading, one of your favorite movies or just some thoughts on something you randomly remembered.

Another great thing to write about is your goals. In life, it’s important to always set goals for ourselves so that we always have something we are striving to accomplish. Writing these in a journal can be a great way to keep track of your goals and note when you’ve completed one. It will give you a personal sense of pride seeing the checkmark or X beside a completed goal.

Dream Journal

A dream journal can be one of the coolest things to keep. The idea behind keeping a dream journal is that you try your best to write as much of your dream as you can in a journal to help you remember it. Over time doing this will make you better at remembering your dreams. Some people have said that through doing this they’ve become able to control and interact with their dreams!

Final Words

There is an endless number of things to write about in your journal and these are only some of them. The truth is that the bullet journal is yours and you can use it to write about anyone and anything you like.

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