What to Look for in a Planner and How to Choose a Planner in 2021

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It can be quite a chore for people to remember everything that goes on in their lives. From the biggest events such as birthdays and anniversaries to the tiniest ones such as having to go to the dentist or when you need to make your monthly payments, you find it difficult to manage.

Nowadays we have way too many things on our mind and it’s a miracle if any of us is able to remember all of them.

So what do we do? We need to write all these things down. Of course, writing all this information down on just any piece of paper or old notebooks we have lying around in the house.

We do this and chances are, we either end up losing relevant reminders or even becoming more confused or forgetful. What we need is an organized and reliable planner which will help us remember every little detail in our lives.

Why Plan?

college student planner

With all the stresses of life, planning things out and jotting down details of events and occurrences would definitely make day to day living a lot easier. Writing things down with the use of a planner will allow us to be more organized and focused.

It can also help us remember even the smallest of details, which we tend to forget when we are already caught up in our day.

Knowing that we have everything planned out would give us more confidence to go about our daily routines, which would then lessen our stress and give our minds more clarity. Clearer minds would allow us to relax more, come up with better ideas, and help in our overall wellbeing. Doesn’t that sound delightful? And all you need for this is a simple planner!

What to Look for in a Planner: It’s All in the Details

Top-Down planner

Finding the perfect planner which would suit your needs is easy! All you have to do is consider what you want, what you need, and key features you would like to have in your planner. A few important features that you must look for in a planner would include:

Specific Time Frames

Do you need to plan each and every day by the hour? Or you just need to plan per day or per week. There are also planners out there that would allow you to set and list yearly goals! It all depends on you.

Tracking the Date

It’s a big help to have planners that contain specific dates for each day. It’s also important for your planner to have the year’s calendar and maybe even the calendar of the year that had passed and the coming one.

Size Matters

You may need a planner which will fit in your bag or in your purse so you can bring it everywhere you go. Or, if you will just use it at home or in the office, you can opt for bigger ones so you can jot down more details in each space.

What Is It Made Of?

With the endless choices of planners out there, one of the best parts of picking one is choosing the design, colors, style, and material of your planner. You may want the hardbound ones, which would stand the test of time or paperback ones for those who are on the go and want more lightweight items to carry around.

You may also pick ones made from recycled materials if you are a fan of saving the environment. The paper for the pages is also important to consider as there are different page textures and thicknesses. Again, the choices are endless.

Helpful Hints!

Some planners out there come with guides for planning and following through. Others may have daily picked me ups which can brighten up your day.

Some planners also have timelines for you to follow. Try and find these small but helpful details to give you more enthusiasm when filling up your planner.


Actually, having a planner is not only for remembering things you need to do. You can also use it to actually plan out your life and set goals.

Studies show that when you write your goals down and make a list of steps you need to do to achieve them; you will most likely succeed in accomplishing them. You can use your planner as a guide in going about your daily life and try to follow all the things you’ve written down. It can be a big help!

Whether you are single and ready to get more organized and focused on tasks or you are a mother or father who just has so many things to remember that you need a place to jot everything down, having a planner is a perfect thing for you.

Now you know what to look for in a planner. So what are you waiting for? All you need to do is find one!

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