What Planners Do

What Planners Do

A planner, well, plans. But you’re the one that does the planning, and it helps you with that. So basically, you are the planner, but the thing you’re using to plan is called a planner too. It’s pretty self-explanatory, mind you.

Puns aside, we live in an era of the internet, where every minute spent online in taking irrelevant content causes your determination and commitment to deteriorate. This is how procrastination is born nowadays, and one of the few ways to root it out is by controlling yourself to the furthest possible extent

A planner can help you achieve that control, by placing limits on your free time with innovative categories of actions that you can undertake instead. A planner doesn’t just motivate, it asks. It asks you what you are going to be doing this day and every day after it.

It demands that you tell it your plans by writing them down, which is psychologically proven to be beneficial when it comes to strengthening your resolve. Your planner will teach you how to be your own boss and gain self-respect and authority over yourself. Right, but how does it actually do that? Well, it depends.

Sets Categories

First of all, it’s important to differentiate between the various types of planners out there. The most common version would include a daily schedule section, marked by pre-entered specific dates.

However, that is still more of a scheduler than a planner. What a good planner contains is the part where you describe your course of action for every obligation and activity you perform during a single day.

This doesn’t mean you should elaborate on the actual procedure of the action but instead write your own vision that best describes it (i.e. 2 hours at the gym = “+1 physique”).

Now, the categories of planners vary from product to product. Some are there to help you get through college, some help you organize your business schedule as a company employee, some help you become a successful parent and everything in between.

Think of it exactly the way you just finished reading about it: it’s a scheduler developed for advancement in a specific life department. There are some “universal” planners that make an attempt at incorporating literally everything you do into its content, but it’s best to stick to those that were made for whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Then again, if you’re not so keen on making significant progress at one thing while neglecting all the others, a universal planner may be your perfect match.

Results in Self-improvement

The one single goal of every single planner is to help you out with obtaining whatever you aim to. However, this doesn’t mean that having a planner means you will definitely make it.

You need to consider it your other self, the responsible person lying inside all of us. Read that person’s words in your planner before you start every day, and listen to that person. Think of a planner as your own success school.

You are teaching yourself the way to success with your own formulas and definitions. Pleasing other people is great, but there’s nothing better than pleasing yourself. A planner will eventually teach you exactly this.

Sticking to your daily routine will never be as easy as when you actually feel successful after every minor performance. Something seemingly as insignificant as washing the dishes can be a great confidence boost with a planner by your side.

Every checkmark on every single chore will give you that tiny bit of satisfaction. In time, this will accumulate into an enormous amount of pleasure. This pleasure will undoubtedly build up your determination.

Hence, you can even consider planners a paper syringe of psychoactive substances, so to speak. You will become addicted to your tiny successes, and it is those that lead you to greater things.

Helps scheduling efficiently

Once you become fully attached to daily accomplishments, you won’t even need a planner anymore. You will have developed a routine of achieving, which is something every successful person thrives on. This is the addiction stage, to which every planner is supposed to lead its owner.

Rest assured that it will never happen if you don’t use it right and that it’s always the hardest in the beginning. Think about it, if an addicted smoker is scientifically proven to be cured within just two weeks of obeying a rule, how much time does the much less invasive procrastination addiction take to remedy?

Thus, planners actually are the way to success for everyone willing to make a week’s effort.

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