Teacher Created Resources Bulletin Board Review

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Any teacher knows how busy life can get when managing a classroom full of excitable kids. Having a fun and interactive place for children to monitor the day, week, and month, as well as birthday, the season, and the weather makes starting the day just a little bit more exciting.

Teacher Created Planner Review

This blank bulletin board calendar is part of a wide range of Teacher Created Resource products and comes with colorful monthly headers, easy-to-read labels and cards, and extra pieces for special occasions and holidays as well as labels for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It is perfect for any classroom or homework room.

Who Is This Product For?

Teachers and parents will love this product. It allows you to easily organize your days and months, and the bright colors and easy-to-read labels encourage children to engage with it too.

What’s Included?

There are 84 pieces included in this set, including 12 monthly headers, 14 special events/days cards, 33 pre-numbered days, and 6 blank cards. The set also has days of the week, a weather and season chart and chart labels.


The large 24 x 18 inch calendar chart gives you more than enough space for sticking the included labels and cards and makes it easy for students to interact with the board. The shiny and protective coating on the labels promise longevity and durability, no matter how many hands touch and play with them.

You can easily laminate the set and stick magnets to the back of the labels so that you can use the calendar on a whiteboard and for easy reuse and changing. The vibrant colors add a pop of excitement to any classroom or homework room.

The easy-to-read labels make teaching children numbers, months, and days a breeze. Older children will also love changing the yesterday, today, and tomorrow labels based on the days as well as the weather conditions.

Keeping track of your classroom activities, tests, homework, birthdays, and tasks becomes a breeze thanks to the simple layout and large labels. This bulletin board is very large, taking up a big part of your classroom wall, which means that kids can easily see it no matter where in the class they are seated.

How To Use It

You can change the layout of the labels and calendar to suit your classroom. The days of the week come with yesterday, today, and tomorrow arrow markers which students or teachers can change every morning. The season and weather label is interactive and changeable based on the daily temperature. The month layout, as with the rest of the set, is changeable and children will love adjusting the layout.

There are additional items available, such as classroom jobs and the birthday labels, which give you a space for your students’ birthdays to be displayed, allowing each child to see their name on the board. You can either stick the numbers and labels onto the charts with glue, Velcro, or magnets.

What We Like

  • Pieces are UV coded for durability
  • Acid-free per industry standards
  • Large 24 x 18 inch calendar chart

What We Don’t Like

  • Velcro not included


Cedar Markers Magnetic Calendar

This stylish dry erase calendar allows you to plan your month, relieving any concern that you may forget something important.

Good organization and planning is important for children, so this calendar lets you turn your classroom, homework room, or child’s bedroom into a safe and informative place to see the upcoming events in their lives.

The calendar is blank, so students can have fun filling in the month, season, and days of the month using different brightly colored chalks.

Straight Chalk Chalkboard Calendar

You can keep on top of your classroom activities and schedule using this large calendar.

This calendar is perfect for your child’s bedroom, homework room, or classroom, and can be decorated and personalized with any details you would like. 

Your students will have a great time taking chances to fill in the dates, month, homework, classroom jobs, and birthdays on the calendar. 

They can even use different colored chalk to make it a bright and exciting thing to look at in the classroom.


When it comes to dealing with children and balancing the busy days that come with being a teacher or parent, you need a calendar that is up for the task. 

The Teacher Created Resources Bulletin Board gives you space to organize every part of your day and week in an easy-to-read and colorful way that will brighten your day. It is also a great way to get your students engaging with words that they may not see on a regular basis.

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