PoliAgendas Planner Review – Gives You Space to List Down Detailed Important Notes in a Day

Who doesn’t know and love planners? Considered as a staple office and school supply by many, planners are basically tools that help people to jot down important notes, keep track of plans and events, and even record their day-to-day thoughts and activities like what journals and diaries offer.

Planners come in different formats, contents, designs even, but they all have one purpose – to allow, and motivate even, people to keep track of their daily plans and events. Although nowadays some often prefer an online planner or an app-based one, physical planners are still the most recognized and the frequently go-to tool.

Most planners are created to last you for a year, while some are refillable and customizable. Depending on your preference though, almost all planners usually include a daily, weekly, and a monthly format.

A daily format is where you can write down your schedule and to-do list for the day, while weekly and monthly formats are for plans for the future that are important to keep track of. Some planners also provide a space for random jotting down of thoughts and other important notes, while some have a contact list option as well to keep a record of the important ones.

With the abundance of planner options that are available in the market today, it can get overwhelming to choose the best fit for you. The PoliAgendas Planner is a basic, but efficient, option that can help you track your everyday life.

PoliAgendas Planner Review

What You'll get?

  • A day per page format
  • Daily, weekly and monthly planning sheets
  • personal directory
  • Things To Do
  • Leather Cover
  • Financial Analysis
  • Conversion Factors
  • United States and International Information


The list below features the basic and most important features of the planner. Take a look below to see what the PoliAgendas Planner can offer to you.

  • Includes a daily, weekly, and monthly planning sheets to help you jot down all your immediate and future plans and to-do lists.
  • With its day one-day per page format, you will have all the space you need to list down important things every day.
  • Encased in leather with golden metallic borders, this PoliAgendas Planner is for everyone who loves the classic feel and look of leather.
  • Packed with international and US important information, maps, charts, and even cartography, this planner is not only for jotting down, but for learning as well.
  • The paper used in the planner is FSC-certified; hence, the material has been sourced environmentally-friendly.


  • Includes those basic features a planner should have – daily, weekly, and monthly pages.
  • A whole day page for every day ensures that you will have all the space you need to list down important notes in a day.
  • Packed with international and US information that is important to keep track of, such as holidays and time zones.
  • Made from FSC-certified paper and encased in leather that is classic and elegant-looking.


  • Not refillable and customizable.
  • Paper is leaning on the thin side, so using a heavy and darker ink might cause it to bleed, paper edges fray easily as well.

PoliAgendas Planner vs. Other Products

Another great option for a planner, or daily diary for that matter, is the At-A-Glance Standard Diary. Aside from the usual features for a basic planner, it also provides monthly expense summary pages, and even comes in different sizes.

Compared with the PoliAgendas planner, this is more of a daily diary than a planner. So if your concern is to get a more planner-like tool, then PoliAgendas Planner is your better bet.

If you need more space to record your day-to-day plans and important thoughts and notes, then you can go ahead and purchase the At-A-Glance Standard Diary.

A little drawback with this diary is that it consists only of 30% post-consumer recycled materials while the one from PoliAgendas is FSC-certified, made from 100% content of total recycled materials, paper-wise.

Final Verdict

For events-planning and notes recording, the PoliAgendas Planner is indeed a great tool to help you out in your day-to-day work or school life. Consists of the basic, albeit most important, features of a planner and journal, this tool will help you record everything you need to know and remember.

The leather case makes it classic and elegant looking as well, and so everyone can use it.

The FSC-certified paper is a big bonus as well because you know that the journal has been produced from recycled materials, avoiding a possible waste in the environment. The international and US important information are a bonus as well to remind you of the most basic things that you might need, such as the time zones and holidays.

Basic and yet very functional, the PoliAgendas Planner is great investment and tool for your everyday life-planning.

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