Panda Planner Pro Review: Best Daily Calendar and Gratitude Journal?

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Based on research on how to get your work done in an efficient way, this planner is designed to improve productivity and to kick your procrastinating self to do everything that you have pending on your list.

By using design principles based on actual scientific facts and studies on increasing productivity and being happier with yourself the Panda Planner gives you the tools to check off tasks all day long.

The Daily Calendar and Gratitude Journal by Panda Planner is perfect for anyone who wants something that helps prioritize tasks in accordance with importance or urgency and lets you remain positive about your month, week or day ahead at the same time.

With its simplistic, modern design it is perfect for any minimalist looking to get their life organized and sorted.

Panda Planner Pro Review

What You’ll get?

  • Calendar
  • eBooks and a video mini-course on how to skyrocket your productivity
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planner
  • Morning and End-of-Day Review
  • Projects Section
  • Priorities Organizer
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Hourly Schedule
  • Goals Planner


Designed to last up to six months based on your needs, the planner is packed with a ton of features that help you set your priorities straight and get on with your day. It comes with the following features:

A Scientific Approach to Productivity:

The planner uses scientific strategies for getting more work done and remaining positive through it, and this is quite evident in the design and layout of the pages.


The planner comes with daily, weekly and monthly sections to help organize your days, weeks, and months.  Each of these sections is further composed of subsections to help you really get down to the details, each section is described below:

Daily section:

It comes with a morning review section for how you feel at the beginning of the day, a day end review to sum up the events for the day, a checklist of your tasks for the day, a schedule section for those tasks, and lastly an area for priorities for your to do list.

Weekly Section:

The weekly section comprises of four sections beginning with a review for last week, section to plan the next week, an area for project breakdown, and a place to set down goals for the week.

Monthly Section:

This has a classic calendar view to write all the events down. Then it has a section to review the previous month and one section to set goals for the next month. It also lets you choose a monthly habit to focus on and develop which is pretty nifty.

Technical Details:

As far as the technical aspects of the planner are concerned it is offered only in black, it has a standard A5 size, and its dimensions are 5 x 8.2 x 1 inches.

What We Like

  • The size is perfect to carry around in your bag or purse so that you can quickly add to your lists on the go and write stuff down if the need arises
  • Design is perfect for someone looking for a modern, minimalistic design, no over the top details
  • It is easy to implement and put into practice, and one started it is very easy to use
  • Great for daily scheduling
  • Helps in prioritizing all your tasks for the day or week on the basis of importance or urgency
  • Helps in remaining positive about your month by letting you write down what you expect from the month and have a visual review of progress
  • The morning review part in the daily section helps in feeling good about the day
  • Perfect for people in the habit of list making
  • Great for keeping track of your goals all throughout the month
  • As it is non dated it can be started whenever you are ready

What We Don’t Like

  • The product binding is not exactly top quality, and it is not bad, but you have to be careful if you are someone who puts their belongings through quite a lot of wear and tear
  • It will only up to 6 months which can be off-putting for some people
  • You have to write the date down yourself instead of getting a pre-printed date
  • Some people might want a more colorful design


As far as planners go this planner is great for your organizing needs, the planner at the start of the month helps you get more focused on what is to come next and how to tackle the next month in the best possible way by letting you devise strategies.

Then at the start of the week, the Panda Planner Pro helps you further list projects for that week and helps in breaking everything down so that you feel prepared.

At the start of the day, it lets you right down tasks and has a section for what you are feeling at that particular moment so you can get in the right headspace for the day.

This way you get to have a more positive outlook, and you do not feel overwhelmed with all your tasks ahead of you.

This positive and inspired state of mind helps in being more productive and helps you in stopping procrastination getting down to what needs to be done at that time.

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