Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook Review: Right Notebook for 2021?

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Bullet journaling has become more popular over the past year, and for a very good reason. It is the place where productivity and creativity meet.

Bullet journals are a customizable organization system that can be a sketchbook, diary, notebook, to-do list, planner, and more than likely, it will be all these things.

If you are the type of person who likes setting goals, tracking your progress, setting to-do lists, journaling, scrapbooking, drawing, sketching, doodling, or planning, then this is exactly the planner you are looking for. This Lemome notebook is the perfect place to get started. With the ability to make this bullet journal into anything you want, it is the ideal creative solution.

Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook Review

This soft-cover notebook is made with environment-friendly materials and no animals were used in the making of the suede leather-like cover, so you can save the world while creating and expressing. This notebook has dotted pages so that you can make each page into anything you want.

The paper is thicker than normal, so you can use any type of writing or drawing tool without worrying that it will permeate the page.

Who Is This Product For?

This notebook is for those who want to create a daily, weekly, or monthly planner in a completely unique way. Whether you want to draw masterpieces or doodles, there is place enough for it in this book.

You can even write your thoughts, motivations, to-do lists, and grocery lists in a fun and thought out way that allows you to self-express.

What’s Included?

One suede leather-like dotted notebook is included. The paper is thicker than normal, and the bookmark allows you to keep track of where you are in the notebook.

Overview of Features

The elegant and concise Dream Tree design on the smooth and flexible cover gives the journal a beautiful appearance. Despite being flexible, the cover is very durable and can adapt to the movements when being carried in your bag, backpack, or purse without getting damaged. In fact, you can fold it and place it in your pocket without worrying about long-term damage. This notebook is 5 x 8 inches, making it the perfect size for daily planning, journaling, note taking, or drawing, no matter where you are, either on the move or at your desk. The dotted patter helps guide you as you write and draw. The dots are space 5 millimeters apart and are light enough that they blend in to the filled page. This makes it perfect for bullet journaling, creative writing, planning, keeping track of your progress, goal setting, drawing, and doodling. The paper is up to 50% thicker than normal paper and resists ghosting, feathering, and bleeding. The paper is acid-free and smooth, so you can effortless create beautiful drawings and writing. The luxurious suede leather cover has been skillfully sewn and glued to ensure that the pages will not separate from the cover. Once you have broken in the notebook, it will be almost completely flat so that you can have a smooth drawing and writing experience.

How to Use It

This journal may initially seem boring with its lack of detail; however, it is perfect for suiting each person’s individual needs as it can be personalized to be whatever you want.

Using pens, pencils, crayons, fine lines, or markers, you can draw pictures, schedules, lists, or anything else your mind can conceive.

What We Like

  • Expandable pocket on the back cover
  • Table of contents and index
  • Hardcover journal to protect pages

What We Don’t Like

  • Binding came undone quite easily
  • Noticeable ghosting and bleeding with Sharpies
  • Some pages are off center


Ricco Bello Classic Dotted Notebook

This notebook has a lay-flat design for easy writing and drawing. It is securely glued and stitched to ensure the binding lasts.

There are 192 acid-free pages for you to fill. There is an attached pen loop, so you can keep a pen with you everywhere you go.

The integrated bookmark makes it easy for you to find your place and the expandable storage pocket allows you to store notes and other paper keepsakes.

This notebook is ideal for bullet journaling, lists, writing, notes, business, art, schoolwork, poetry, and art.

Northbooks Notebook

The simple yet sophisticated style of this journal ensures that you can free your mind when using it.

The cover is strong, flexible, and durable, allowing you to take it with you anywhere you go.

The dots let you enjoy some structure when you want it, but you can go off the grid if the inspiration strikes you.

The layout is kept simple so that your drawings, writing, lists, notes, and designs are the focus of every page.


Keeping track of your weekly tasks and activities doesn’t have to be a bore. In fact, it can be a fun, creative, and self-expressive activity that you look forward to. You can draw, sketch, doodle, write, and anything else you can think of – all in one notebook.

It also means that you can make each week into whatever you want, allowing you to look back and see what creative space you were in at any time of the year.

Enjoyed our Leuchtturm1917 medium A5 dotted hardcover notebook review, make sure to share it with your friends. If you love any other planner or journal that you want us to review, leave a comment below!

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