Lemome Weekly Planner Review: Dated Planner to Improve Productivity in 2021

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How does one reach success? Many believe that it just happens, and call successful people “lucky.” This is not true, the people who find success in life are the ones who plan and work hard. They are the ones who work through the procrastination to reach their goals.

Would you like to be a person like that? You need a day planner to help you get there. Is the Lemome Weekly/Monthly Planner going to help you reach your goals and fight the procrastination? Let us find out through this detailed review of the planner.

Lemome Weekly Planner Review

What You’ll get?

  • Calendar Stickers
  • DATED Weekly & Monthly Planner
  • Yearly Goals Planner
  • Monthly Notes & Reflections pages
  • Color illustrations with motivational words
  • Mind Map page
  • two page ribbons
  • Pen Holder and Inner Pocket


The features of a product are what make it stand out from the crowd. There are thousands of planners out there, and you need to decide. Your decision will be based on the planner with the best features that will suit your life. What do you need in a planner? Once you have answered that question, you can find a suitable day planner.

  • Focus on organization and planning

Lemome weekly planner focuses on helping you plan your time and organize your priorities. It has a 12-month calendar with monthly and weekly views. It has a wish list, check list, mind map page and yearly goal page.

The abundance of lists means that your planner will help you become more focused and organized.

  • Free monthly and yearly stickers

In the quest to help you become your best and most organized self, this planner also features monthly and yearly stickers.

These stickers don’t just make your goals look impressive, but they will help you to keep the time frame in mind. Every goal must have a due date, and with these stickers, it will be fun to set a due date.

  • Increase your efficiency

The best way to reduce stress is to increase your efficiency. When you are more organized, you are guaranteed to be a little less stressed.

Lemome weekly planner has dated days, so that your schedule can be flexible. It also has colored illustrations and inspirational text to help you beat the stressful slump and work through your procrastination.

  • Compact design

The planner is lightweight and small, so you can travel with it anywhere. Your goals and organization can always be on hand to help keep yourself in check.

It also features many convenient designs, including an elastic enclosure, a pen holder, 2 bookmarks and an inner pocket. This way you can keep everything you need inside the book.

  • Special extras

Color illustrations with motivational words will help you stay motivated.

Monthly notes and reflection pages are included to keep you focused and grounded, as well as help you learn from your past mistakes and pitfalls, or cheer you up when you need to see how far you have come. Various maps to keep you clued up and expand your general knowledge.

  • Quality construction

This paper is made from special wood pulp that is designed to make it last longer. The premium paper helps to stop the ink from bleeding through the page.

The paper is thicker and smoother than usual, which will make your handwriting look better. The rounded arc corners were specially designed to reduce paper cuts. The planner is designed to last the full twelve months.

  • Environment friendly

Are you a vegan struggling to find the right planner? Or are you struggling to find the right gift for a vegan? This planner’s pages are free from any harmful chemicals and the pulp is made from environmentally sustainable trees.

The anti-near-sighted pages are great for the near-sighted, and the pages are perfect for those who live the cruelty free lifestyle.

What We Like

What make this planner so special? And what are the benefits that it will bring to your life?

  • Sturdy and stunning design

The planner has been designed to last for an entire year. You can find proof of this in the planner’s design. The pages are high quality and they feel luxurious to the touch. If you like having neat handwriting, then this planner will be a real treat for you.

It also has decorative dividers between each section, which make the overall book look a lot better. The stickers make the entire book look more festive, you will be so proud of this book that you will want to show it off.

  • Practical features

Not only does Lemome weekly planner has a great design, it also has a ton of great features. You will enjoy the space for creative freedom, and the dated days. You can use this planner for anything, and the areas for mind maps will be a wonderful tool you can use to unlock all your creative potential.

The inner sleeve, elastic strap and pen holder are just a few of the nifty features that make this planner a joy to use and experience.

What We Don’t Like

Although this planner has wonderful features and benefits, there are one of two things that you need to be aware of.

  • You need to be careful with space

One of the biggest drawbacks of having dated days and not a lot of space, is that you might get carried away and use up all your space before the end of the year. Obviously, this presents a few problems.

  • Missing features

Some users have noticed that the planner only features 28 days per month. Maybe the designers thought that users would not use all the days of the month. Some people have also reported that they did not receive the stickers as promised.


This planner allows for a lot of creative freedom, but it is not advised for the extremely busy person. Unfortunately, there are some days missing from the planner, so do not buy this if you plan every day.

This does not mean that the planner does not have its redeeming qualities. It is not a journal, and it will help to keep you on track to your end goal. The sturdy design will make sure that it also gets there with you.

Enjoyed our Lemome weekly planner review, make sure to share it with your friends. If you love any other planner that you want us to review, leave a comment below!

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