House of Doolittle Teachers Planner: Keeps Everything Organized

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It can be difficult to find the perfect teacher’s planner. What works for one teacher may not work for another. Every teacher has their specific needs to help them feel in control and organized for their daily responsibilities.

House of Doolittle Teachers Planner Review

This House of Doolittle teachers planner is the ideal way to plan and organize your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. With space for notes, a student seating chart, and a term planner, you will have everything you need in one place. Plus, the smart and good-looking cover of the planner will make it something you are proud to use every day.

Who Is This Product For?

This planner is perfect for teachers of any grade but can also be used for homeschooling parents. Many students will also find this planner to be very useful, particularly in the higher grades.

What’s Included?

One 8.5 x 11 inch teacher’s planner is included in the package. This planner can be used by teachers to keep track of their academic and extracurricular plans, agendas, seating chart, and class schedule.

Overview of Features

The House of Doolittle teachers planner boasts an attractively embossed blue leatherette cover that is durable and can withstand daily use throughout the entire school year. This planner has 45 weeks for planning, so you can schedule well in advance.

Thanks to the fact that the pages are not set to any dates, you can include as many or few weeks as you need, and there is no paper wasted for weeks during school vacations.

This teacher’s planner includes a term program, seating chart, attendance records, test results records, and a lesson schedule. Each week is spread out over two pages so there is plenty of space to jot down your to-do lists, assignments, class and extracurricular responsibilities, and appointments.

The planner is made using 100% recycled paper and soy ink. House of Doolittle planners have been made in the USA since 1989 and 5% of their profits are donated to organizations that strive to create a greener and more sustainable environment.

How To Use It

As a teacher, you can use this planner to keep track of your daily schedule, and the simple layout allows you to plan your days and weeks with clarity.

As a parent, this planner can be used to monitor your child’s homework, achievements, and progress. The notes pages are great for writing to-do lists, and the seating chart allows you to keep track of where your students sit.

What We Like

  • Teacher-specific organization pages
  • Not pre-dated
  • Dedicated seating chart area

What We Don’t Like

  • Plastic cover
  • Binding can bend easily


Elan Publishing Company Teacher Lesson Planner

This 8.5 x 11 inch teacher’s planner is the perfect way to plan your days, weeks, and months in a tangible way.

The seating plans and planning sheets give you an overview of your class and commitments while the data planning sheets keep you on track with your goals and agenda.

The school events calendar schedule allows you to easily plan your personal life without setting up any conflicts. 

The bookmark gives you a convenient way to keep track of where you are in the year and to jump to the day quickly.

Tools4Wisdom Planner

This four-in-one planner with its vertical layout allows you to plan your days, weeks, and months, while the year planner lets you see your upcoming plans at a glance.

The planning pages are in full color, giving you inspiration, and the durable hardcover planner has high quality spiral binding, so you can easily staple or stick notes and reminders into your planner without breaking the spine.

The monthly tabs and bookmark make it easy to jump to where you need to, and the inner pocket pouch lets you store loose notes.

Tools4Wisdom planner has been scientifically designed to help you set specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, and times goals to keep your year on track.


Keeping track of your school responsibilities and activities can sometimes be trickier than juggling with 20 balls. This is because you are dealing with many moving parts. Thanks to the beautifully laid out House of Doolittle teacher’s planner, you can limit the moving parts by keeping track of them in a practical and functional way that makes sense to most people.

This planner can also be used as a daily planner for older students or homeschooling parents, and you may find that once you have used a planner with this layout, you will never want to use another one again.

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