Er Way Daily Calendar Notebook Review – Achieve Work/Life Balance and Stay on Track

In this digital age where everyone has a computer, tablet, and a smartphone, writing your plans and goals on sheets of paper may already feel obsolete. You can whip out your mobile device on the go and you can already input whatever you need with just a few taps and swipes.

Nothing, however, beats old school style of whipping out a pen and a planner for writing out your stuff. It has been put forward that writing as a process makes you remember your stuff more as compared to just typing it on a computer or a phone.

This would go similar as well to planners. These little books have been around for the longest time, and have still survived the digital age as bookstores still offer them for sale every start of the year. Coffee shops and restaurants even have customers visit them more often to collect stamps for a free exclusive planner.

Suffice to say, planners will still be around, even as we advance technologically. There are still things you could do with an actual planner than a digital one, and the Er Way Daily Planner is one of the better planners that you can find on the market.

Er Way Daily Calendar Notebook Review

What You'll get?

  • Yearly View
  • monthly overview
  • Monthly and Weekly plan
  • Ruled Pages
  • Non-Dated Pages
  • Different Colors and Flowers for Each Month
  • Premium Paper
  • Weekly To-Do List


The Er Way planner comes with the following features:

  • A size of 4.33” x 5.83” which is perfect for carrying in small or medium bags.
  • Paper sheets that lessen ink bleed through.
  • Flower designs that will brighten your mood!
  • Dedicated pages for your plans for the year, month, week, and day!


  • You can design your own calendar however you wish!
  • You are free to layout your plans whether they are long-term or short-term.
  • Paper gives a premium feel which makes it good to write on.
  • The paper is of high quality.
  • Pretty designs!


  • Company seal in the cover doesn’t peel off
  • It may be confusing at first to understand the layout of the entire planner.

Versus Other Products

A similar pretty and creative product would be the Global Printed Fashion Planner. Both products have decorative designs featured on their covers and on each page.

Both products also have divisions based on the year, month, and the day. The Er Way planner, however, has a weekly division, and the Global Printed one has two extended months from the previous and the succeeding year.

The striking differences between the two are the spiral bind of the Global Printed Planner versus the regular binding of Er Way. Both planners are also roughly the same size and can fit most bags.

Er Way Daily Calendar Notebook Review: Summary

Whether you prefer to plan your endeavors on a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily basis the planner has everything ready for you in these sections. This could also help if you prefer to use these divisions for different events – daily for meetings, monthly for birthdays and holidays, for example.

The yearly and monthly divisions can help you organize your long-term plans for that particular term. It gives you a bird’s eye view of your month and it helps you identify the days when you are still free.

On the other hand, the weekly and daily sections help you monitor your short-term engagements which you can also easily see at the flick of a few pages. This provides a smoother writing experience where writing on the planner itself is an enjoyable activity.

The pages of the planner also reduce the chances of ink bleeding through which gives a more premium feel overall. The flowers on the cover and on every page are quite pretty and are sure to brighten your every day.

On the contrary, for those who prefer to enjoy the flowery designs, it may come as a disappointment that the company logo is not a sticker which cannot be removed. This can be remedied through your own decorative art or stickers.

Also, you may have difficulties getting to know how this particular planner works as it has a number of divisions but as you use and put your plans and notes in it, you’ll find that it’s really easy to understand.

Final Words

The Er Way planner is a good pickup for people who prefer planners which are artsy and have a visually-striking design. It also suits those who prefer to organize separately and classify their activities per month, year, and day.

It may not be the best professional-looking planner out there, but it can get the job done and it can surely uplift your mood with its wonderful designs.

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