Day-Timer Leather Planner Review

Day-Timer Leather Planner Review

Today’s world has arguably evolved a lot in the past couple of decades as compared to the changes from the previous century. This can be attributed, in part, to the advances that our species has achieved with the help of technology.

Technology, which is also constantly and quickly evolving, has brought about drastic changes that greatly affected our lives. One of the technology’s products is the modern mobile phone.

While a few years back it would be unimaginable to have a small portable device that you would carry around to contact others. It is now commonplace to have a phone, computer, camera, music player, and planner all accessed in one device which you could fit in your pocket.

Planning things and setting goals have been made much easier as you can do this with only a few taps and swipes.

There are still those who prefer keeping a separate way of jotting down their notes and plans. Many people may have their own particular reasons for preferring to keep these old-school planners.

In addition to their mobile phones, we can be sure that these take a longer period of time to go out of style. And among the better planners available, the Day-Timer Leather Planner stands out.


The Day-Timer Leather Planner comes with the following features. These are given below:

  • Soft red simulated leather cover with interior pockets.
  • Spiral binding with a magnetic lock.
  • Monthly, weekly and daily divisions with a day timer.
  • Extra pages for references, and contacts.
  • The formatting of the diary gives it a professional look.


  • Its suave red leather finish looks very professional at the onset.It has a great cover and exterior.
  • The spiral binding helps keep the planner flat when not in use.
  • The magnetic lock outside the diary keeps the additional stuff stored in its interior pockets safely.
  • With the Day-Timer feature, you can immediately see your day’s schedule and free times at a simple glance at today’s sheet.
  • It has a beautiful leather cover that has golden metallic borders.


  • The Day-Timer Planner has no other gimmicks aside from the usual ones that you will find on other planners.
  • It makes your pocket heavy. Day-Timer’s Planner may lead to a bulkier load which can cause both the cards and the planner it to be disfigured.
  • It has a huge size and the even magnetic locks which are not designed for bigger sizes.
  • You would have to keep tabs on the things that you leave in your planner and remember to keep only the more important ones inside.
  • The pages inside the diary are very thin.

Versus Other Planners

Compared to another Day-Timer product – the Day-Timer Academic Year Planner, we can observe that both planners have the same leather finish and interior pockets for keeping pens and cards together with the planner. What the Academic Year Planner has that the regular Leather Planner doesn’t.

However, there are extra pages that could help aside from the ordinary planner pages. For this you can dedicate these pages for shopping lists, school information, and assignments, among others.

Another difference would be that the Academic Year Planner would probably suit students and teachers more as its starts at the beginning of the academic year while the Leather Planner follows the calendar year.


One of the things that would immediately stand out from this planner is its design. Even though it has no pages aside from the ordinary planner pages, and the address book pages, it would still definitely serve its main function as a planner well.

In addition to the usual monthly, weekly, and even daily divisions that we see in other planners, the Day-Timer planner has its day timer where you can jot your activities and deliverables for the day up to the very particular hour. Being a strong product with a heavy binding, you can be sure that the cards, notes, and even pens that you will stick in the pockets would be secure.

Final Say

While the Day-Timer Leather Planner can do its primary feature of being a planner well, especially considering its day timer features. It can prove to be quite lacking as it really just is a plain planner. However, if you really just want to have a trusty planner where you can jot down and find easily all your important activities and meetings, then you don’t have to look further anymore as the Day-Timer Leather Planner can do that perfectly with you and it does so in a stylistic fashion.

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