How to Customize Your Planner?

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Planners are very important for people who love to have their days scheduled and want to achieve their goals, plans, and want to keep up with important events. Customizing your planner is a great way to keep you excited and enthusiastic about your tasks planned.

11 Ways To Customize Your Planner

customize planner

Fill Your Planner With Colors

Keep colored pens to use in your planner. It will not only keep you excited for your tasks planned, but also, you will be able to keep track of goals, plans, and important dates that you have accomplished. This will also give an artistic and creative look to your planner.

Enchant Your Planner With Charms

Keep colorful and attractive charms in your planner. You can buy it from a local store near you. You can even take one off a keychain or even make one yourself. The charms will give your planner a chic look and it will customize it in the best way.

Custom Dividers

Dividers in a planner are very important, but you can also make your planner aesthetically beautiful by making custom dividers. You can make a planner reflect who you are, by beautiful and imaginative dividers.

Custom Page Markers

Page marks can help you mark important goals and plans for your day and this can also add an elegant and graceful touch to your planner. You can make custom page markers out of colored paper or any other aesthetically beautiful paper you would prefer.

Make you planner showcase your imaginative side with custom page markers.

Colorful Paper

You can use colorful paper to insert in your planner, make quick notes on it and attach it to your planner, or maybe have printed documents on a colorful paper to insert in your planner. Make your planner colorful and creative with colorful paper to keep you inspired.

Printable Inserts

Creative, imaginative, and fun printable inserts can give an aesthetic and fun side to your planner.  You can add your budget, health tips, motivational quotes, or important dates on these inserts so you are excited and inspired by them.

DIY Folders

You can put your important documents in a folder in your planner. Make your own DIY folder, decorate and use it to add your touch to the planner. The tutorials for the DIY folders can be easily found on the internet.

They are quite easy to make and wouldn’t take much time to make one. If you don’t want to make one you can also buy a folder and decorate it whichever way you find it attractive and add it to your planner.

Life Cards and Journal Cards

Get inspirational, corrective, and influential life cards and journal cards and add them to your planner. You can also decorate these cards before you add them so that they go with the theme of your planner.

These life cards will keep you motivated for your day and will help you breeze through your day.

Fun Stickers

You can use fun and beautiful stickers to decorate your planner. Just paste them onto the pages of your planner, and you are ready to go. These stickers can be bought from any local store near you or online. They are pretty cheap too.

Custom Dashboard

You can make your dashboard by using stickers, life cards, and other stuff you want to use to make your dashboard. To make it more fun and jazz it up you can change your dashboard on a monthly basis, so you don’t get bored with the same old dashboard which has been in use for ages.

DIY Envelopes

You can make custom, artistic, and beautiful envelopes and attach them to your planner. Keeping bills and other important notices can be a bit messy and you won’t be able to find them when you need them.

You can’t paste these documents to your planner. For this purpose an envelope is perfect. You can find a tutorial for making these envelopes. They are very easy to make and anyone can make those. Just decorate your envelope according to your taste and you are good to go.


By following just simple tips and tricks you can customize your planner in the most aesthetically appealing way. This can keep you motivated, inspired, and excited for all the tasks you have planned for the year, month, or for the very next day.

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