Top 5 Best Weekly Planner Pads of 2022

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We’ve all had those moments in life where we completely forget an important commitment we made before, or mix up the days of events. For these situations, it’s good to get into a habit of planning out your week to ensure we’re on time and ready for whatever you have going on.

There are so many products out there to help you get organized, but today we’re diving in to the weekly planner world. We’ve done some homework on these weekly planner pads to help you make an informed decision, and get your schedule back on track.

Top 5 Best Weekly Planner Pads of 2022

Comparison Chart

Minimalmart Weekly Magnetic Meal Planner Notepad – Food Planning Organizer and Grocery List Pad, Premium 52 Pages, with Tear Away Perforated Shopping List
Aesthetic Weekly Planner Pad And Habit Tracker – 52 Week Office Supply to Do List for Women
Floral Weekly Planner Pads, Daily Schedule and To Do List (8 x 10 In, 2 Pack)
Weekly Planners Pad – to Do List Pad with 53 Sheets, 10″ x 8″, Desk Planner & Weekly Planner with Habit Tracker, Fridge Calendar – Mint Green Floral
Weekly Planner Pad by Julianne & Co – Premium Weekday & Weekend Task Organizer, Undated Appointment & to-Do Tear-Away Notepad, Organize & Plan Chores & Meetings – 8.5″x 11″ – 52 Sheets Lasts 1 Year

1. Minimalmart Weekly Planner

First up in the competition for the best weekly planner pads is the Minimalmart Weekly Planner.

This planner pad is designed specifically for your meal planning needs. The Minimalmart planner has been used by many customers, almost all of whom gives high praise to it.

Let’s see how we found the Minimalmart planner to be.

The Minimalmart planner is a great planner if you’re looking to keep track of and plan your meals.

The design is really cute, and even includes a water intake tracker. We love how this planner also includes a handy shopping list section that comes off with perforated edges, so you can know what to get for your next meal all in one place.

This connects the whole meal planning theme together. We also think Minimalmart’s decision to include magnets on the back so that this planner can stick on your refrigerator is a good call. It makes it easier to remember and write down what you need in your fridge when it’s right in front of you.

We think that while Minimalmart’s weekly planner is great for meal planning, it’s not really good for anything else. Unless you don’t mind the small spaces meant for just writing meals, it’s difficult to use this planner for something other than meal prep.


  • Removable shopping list with perforated edges
  • Includes water intake tracker


  • Easily usable for only meal planning
  • meal planning

2. ZICOTO Weekly Planner

The ZICOTO weekly planner is the second planner we tried on our list of best weekly planner pads.

This planner is designed for desk use, and has lots to offer to anyone who wants to get organized at work. Let’s see how it racks up to the others.

The ZICOTO Weekly Planner is an excellent choice for work-related organizers. 

Its rectangle design makes it perfect for keeping at your desk or office table. The pages of this planner come undated, so it’s perfect for use year-round, regardless of the year.

One feature we really loved about this planner is that it comes with a plastic cover on the front to protect the pages inside. We haven’t really seen this feature in other planners, so it’s definitely a plus.

We also loved the different designs that are displayed with each new week. It keeps things exciting! This planner is very cost-efficient, as well, when compared to other weekly planners.

The only thing we found to be problematic with the ZICOTO Weekly Planner was that it’s a lot bigger than expected. It easily runs the length of a standard keyboard, so if you’re looking for something shorter, this isn’t the pick for you.


  • Plastic sheet-protecting cover
  • Cute designs
  • Cost-efficient
  • Undated pages


  • Slightly larger than most weekly planners

3. Paper Junkie Weekly Planner

Next up we have the Paper Junkie weekly planner. While Paper Junkie is well-known for many different designs of furniture and kitchenware, they are fairly new to the weekly planner game.

We’ve reviewed it for you below, so you don’t have to.

The Paper Junkie Weekly Planner is the perfect planner for someone who’s on a budget.

This planner includes the standard days of the week sections, along with an extra section for notes.

One thing that we loved about the Paper Junkie weekly planner is that there’s so much room to write in detail. If your week is usually packed, this weekly planner is a good choice to get all of those events sorted in one place.

The Paper Junkie planner is also cost-efficient because you get two planners for the price of one. That means two years-worth of extensive planning at your fingertips.

One thing we didn’t like about the Paper Junkie weekly planner, though, was the paper quality. It felt like it fell somewhere on the low-quality end of the spectrum.

Low-quality paper means the potential of having bleed-throughs while writing. A weekly planner is only as good the paper it comes with.


  • Lots of room to write on
  • Comes with two in a pack


  • Low-quality paper might bleed through

4. ​Tullofa Weekly Planner

For our fourth pick, we have the Tullofa Weekly Planner.

With its simple design, this planner remains versatile for any type of organization.

Let’s get into the details of the Tullofa Weekly Planner.

The Tullofa Weekly Planner is a solid choice for anyone who wants to organize their week. 

The planner is made with 50% recycled paper and has an ample amount of space to write on, so you’re helping the environment while getting your week together.

We liked how it has a simple design; it leaves you to decide what you need to plan and how much you want to write about it. The pages of the planner are held together by glue at the top, so you can rip off any pages when you’re finished with them.

One thing we wish the Tullofa planner had was a section for notes. While it’s not 100% necessary, it helps to further organize your thoughts and plans throughout the week.

Sometimes you need to remind yourself of things that have nothing to do with the week, and an added notes section helps with that. While not a deal-breaker, a notes section would definitely make the Tullofa weekly planner a better product for organizing.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Made with 50% recycled paper
  • Lots of space to write


  • No notes section is included

5. ​Julianne & Co. Weekly Planner

For the fifth and final planner we tested, we have the Julianne & Co. Weekly Planner.

This is another great planner that comes in different colors, and has been reviewed by many satisfied customers. 

For the price it’s at, this planner makes a good first impression. Let’s look into the details of the Julianne & Co. Weekly Planner.

The Julianne & Co. Weekly Planner has built a solid group of users who are pleased with its excellent quality and value. It’s available in two colors: teal and pink.

We liked how organized every page of the planner looks, with a to-do section on the right side, and the days of the week on the left. There’s also a notes section included on the bottom of every page.

The pages are easy to remove and discard thanks to the sealing agent that holds the planner together. It provides a strong grip on the sheets, but is soft enough to allow for easy removal.

One thing that could be improved in the Julianne & Co. Weekly Planner is the strength of the planner pad itself. While it holds together nicely on a desk, taking this on trips and in situations with lots of hustle and bustle tends to weaken the structure.

Some pages start to fall out, and it becomes a big mess. Now, we’re not saying it should be fire-proof, but weekly planners should be tough enough to withstand the average handling that comes with day-to-day activities.


  • Organized page structure
  • Available in different colors


  • Slightly weak structure

Final Words

It’s time for us to make our final decision for the best weekly planner pad of 2022. We picked a winner by comparing the price, quality, and general organization of the planners. We’ve tried and reviewed lots of good weekly planners, and although many of them came close, there can only be one winner.

Our pick is the ZICOTO Weekly Planner. This planner offered lots of different things that made it the best on this list. The plastic sheet protector and wide spaces for writing make it perfect for on-the-go and thorough use.

Best of all, you don’t have to compromise style for quality with this planner because of its creative designs and affordable cost. The ZICOTO Weekly Planner has come out on top as the best weekly planner of 2022.

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