Top 3 Best Planners below 20 Dollars (Reviewed)

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Even though we are so attached to our mobile phones that we forget about any other items that can help us organize our days or even week, the truth is that we need some of these items. One such item is a planner. While our smartphones are equipped with planners too, but it might not be as personal and secret as a planner will be.

This it is time to get one of these indispensable items so that you can better organize your activities, without anyone knowing what you are up to if you don’t want them to. If you know someone who is struggling to get a grip on his/her daily schedules, a beautiful planner will be a wonderful gift for 2021.

Some people are put off by the price of some planners; the truth is that there are other planners which are very cheap, but still beautiful and will enable you to organize your activities perfectly. This article provides details about the best planners below 20.

It will look at some of their features, pros, cons and compare them with other planners within the same category. It is hoped that this article will help you make an excellent choice today.

Top 3 Best Planners To Buy Below 20

Comparison Chart

Er Way Calendar Schedule Organizer and Journal, Black Tropical
2021-2022 Monthly Planner – 18-Month Planner with Tabs & Pocket, Contacts and Passwords, 9″ x 11″, Thick Paper, Jul. 2021 – Dec. 2022, Twin-Wire Binding – Gilding by Artfan
Undated Time Management Planner Journal – Weekly & Monthly Hardcover Planner – Boost Productivity, Happiness & Achieve Your Goals With This Gratitude Goal Setting Planner – 8 x 5 Inches, Blue

1. Er Way Calendar Schedule Organizer and Journal

This planner comes with a flower design and is made for those who love stylish things.

It is very portable to carry around in a bag or briefcase, and comes in four different colors.

Thus you can choose any of the colors that suit your sensibilities. It allows you to make plans for the whole year, month(s), week(s) and day(s).


  • The cover is made with beautiful flower designs, which comes in four different designs
  • It is divided into months by different flower shapes and shades
  • Its dimensions are 5.83in *4.33in
  • Has about 192 pages, which is divided into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sections


  • Can be carried around in any size of bag
  • You can easily have a perk inside your planner from anywhere and at anytime
  • The paper used for this planner does not allow ink to bleed through
  • It is well organized, with every month having a distinct flower shape and color, thus you can easily find the month you are looking for.
  • It has space for yearly, monthly, weekly and daily plans. You can easily plan your life!
  • The cover flower design comes in four different types and you can choose anyone that you are attracted to.
  • It comes with a bracelet and pendant


  • It is not a very large planner

2. Artfan Planner Gratitude

This new 2021/2022 planner is very organized, with a daily habit reminder section, as well as a vision page and a goal page that has two pages each.

Thus you don’t only write out your plans, you also pen down your vision and goals for the year.

It comes in two colors of black and lotus. It also has two types, dated and undated.


  • Comes in dated and undated types
  • It dedicated two pages each for your vision and goals for the year.
  • It has an hourly planner
  • Its sheet size is 9 x 11 inches


  • The vision and goal journal helps keep you in line with your objectives for the year, month or week
  • You can easily plan your whole day in an hourly manner


  • It is a little heavy at one pound
  • At dimension of 11 x 9 inches, it may a little large for some people

3. Power Place Goals Planner

This back of this planner is made of hardcover, so do not be afraid of it tearing off.

It is also well bound with the top quality Smyth Sewn System. It is medium sized, and you can carry it around.


  • Hardcover back
  • Dimensions of 5”x 8”
  • Well bound with a top quality sewing technique


  • It is very sturdy
  • It has a progressive goal planner that entails all areas of your life
  • Its size is perfect and fits properly into any bag


  • At a weight of 101 pounds, it is a little heavy
  • It does not have the monthly demarcations of other planners.


What makes Daily Planner Calendar Schedule Organizer and Journal Notebook, Non-Dated Day stand out in comparison to other planners is that, finding the months are easier. They also come in four designs, unlike others that come in two or even one design only.

However, Daily Calendar Notebook is the Blueprint Millionaires is also one of the smaller looks at other planners below before making your choice. Progressive planner has features that other planners on this list do not have, and that is the two pages each for vision and goal setting.

The lack of division into different months is a drawback for this planner. But that does not remove the fact that it is a sturdy and excellent planner.

Final Words

These are one of the most organized planners you can get below 20 dollars, especially because of its beautiful designs and ease of use. So, if you are a goal setting person and if you need a durable planner for your daily, monthly and yearly planning, this is the planner for you.

After reading the valuable information about three planners below 20 dollars, you can make an excellent choice.

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