Top 5 Best Day Planners of 2020: Complete Reviews with Comparison

For most of us, having a plan is the secret to long-term success, but what about when dealing with our day to day tasks? Many people find that planning each day out is extremely helpful, especially if you have a job that is filled with smaller tasks or if you have a family that has a full schedule of activities. One of the best ways to plan out your day, week, and month is to use a day planner. Which popular planners are the best day planners of 2020? We took a look and have the answer.

Quick Overview: Best Day Planners





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Cossac 2020 Day Planners

Cossac 2020 Planner

Undated Daily Weekly Planner, Goal Setting Journal 


Law of Attraction Daily Planner

Law of Attraction Daily Planner

Day Calendar and Gratitude Journal, A5 Rose Gold Hardcover + Bonus Stickers


The SELF Journal

The SELF Journal

Undated 13-Week Planning, Track Gratitude, Habits and Goals


Simple Elephant Day Planners

Simple Elephant Planner

Daily, Weekly, Monthly High Performance Organizer


Bloom Daily Planner

Bloom Daily Planner

Weekly Planning System Tear Off to Do Pad - 8.5" x 11"


Top 5 Best Day Planners of 2020

1. Cossac 2020 Planner

The 2020 Cossac planner is a convenient and functional choice for people who want a simple, no-nonsense method for staying on task.

It is a daily planner, but it also helps you organize your weeks and months thanks to four different layout types.

There is a section for notes, checkboxes, which help you tick off what you have done, and even exercise and daily habit tracking.

This planner has a number of highlights that we really like. For instance, it has features that allow you to schedule tasks for your day and help to keep your priorities straight.

It features a plain, yet attractive cover, which is appropriate for both men and women. It also looks quite sophisticated with an elastic band for easy to find pages.

What I Like

One of the things that really stood out about this day planner is the construction of the pages. They are thick and feel like they are very high-quality. The pages are 100gsm, acid-free, and eco-friendly. I also really like the elastic page markers, which make it really easy to find the day you need to look at. It is also a good size for a planner, and it easily fits into my bag.

What I Didn’t Like

For some people, they like the plain, sophisticated look of this day planner, but I prefer a bit more color or design. The cover has a soft touch, which tends to get a bit scratched and marked up. This planner also only gives you enough planning space for six months, and there is not a lot of room for taking notes.


  • Simple layout without distracting bells and whistles
  • High-quality paper that allows you to write with heavy ink
  • Check boxes to keep track of your goals


  • Cover is easily marked and scuffed
  • Only a six month planner, not a full 12 months
  • Though it has a “notes” section, it’s not that big

2. Law of Attraction Daily Planner

The Law of Attraction daily planner made our list of day planners thanks to several great features.

Not only does this planner help you to plan out your day, it also adds things like a vision board, mind map, reflection pages, and habit trackers.

The planner covers six months and has a really attractive cover that is available in black or rose gold.

This day planner is filled with features that we absolutely love. 

In addition to keeping you on track, we really love that it has things that help you to improve your happiness by using the Law of Attraction.

There are also daily questions to consider, which force you to think deep thoughts, and with the vision board, you can easily use the Law of Attraction to bring positive things into your life. This planner also comes with a gratitude journal, which is a necessity when practicing the Law of Attraction.

What I Like

Though I love the Law of Attraction features of this day planner, there is much more that I think really stands out. The planner has to-do lists, which I personally love using. There are also tips printed in the planner, such as how to manage your time better and how to set goals. In fact, there is even an eight-step plan that the planner gives you to help you improve your life. The eco-friendly design is also a plus in my book.

What I Didn’t Like

Again, I’m not thrilled with this day planner only covering six months instead of a year, and it’s a bit overwhelming with all of the introductory pages. Another thing that I didn’t like about this planner is that it’s deceptively small. The photos make it look much larger than it actually is.


  • Eco and vegan-friendly design
  • Access to a free video mini course explaining the Law of Attraction
  • Money-back guarantee if you don’t see good results after using the planner


  • Smaller in size than other day planners
  • Only six months, not 12 months
  • A little confusing because there is a lot of information packed in

3. The SELF Journal

Now…for something completely different. Is this a daily planner? Kind of. Is this a journal? Kind of.

It’s actually a hybrid of both a planner and a journal, and that’s something we love, so we added it to our list of the best day planners of 2020.

This day planner is simple, no frills, and it can help you to achieve your goals.

The SELF journal has daily, weekly, and monthly planning spreads, which help you to really organize your life. It’s not dated, so you can definitely use every inch of open space without skipping days, which often happens in dated planners.

The other nice thing about this day planner is that it teaches users a system of organization to do almost anything. The paper is nice and thick, too, which means you can use markers or fountain pens with ease.

What I Like

The first thing I really like about the SELF journal is that it’s a little bit planner and a little bit journal. I use both features, which is definitely a plus here. I also think that the hard cover is really nice, and it’s covered in canvas that feels thick and tough. The color options are charcoal gray or navy blue, which makes it look professional.

What I Didn’t Like

Though the SELF journal has some great features, it comes at a cost. This is the most expensive planner we have on the list, and I’m not sure that it’s worth the price. I also noticed that, though the cover is pretty high quality, the pages are a bit thin and easy to tear out.


  • Dual purpose journal and planner design
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly spreads
  • Reminders to have gratitude and plan


  • The SELF journal is more expensive than other planners
  • The pages are thin and rip out easily
  • Only usable for about three months

4. The Simple Elephant Planner

If you are looking for a day planner that is less serious and more fun, the Simple Elephant Planner is perfect for you.

This day planner is brightly colored, and it has features such as a vision board, mind map, and of course, fun stickers.

This planner also helps users to create their goals, affirmations, and craft gratitude.

The system of organization that you find in the Simple Elephant planner helps to keep all of your priorities in focus.

There is a calendar that is undated in this planner, which is great for people who want to start on a certain day or those who might skip a day or so. The planner has a nice hard cover. There are three bookmarks, and it has enough space to last for almost a full year.

What I Like

I really love the bright colors associated with this day planner. The stickers are really fun to use, and the lessons on affirmations and gratitude just make me feel better throughout the day. The stickers are free, and you get a free gift box when you order. You also get an eBook that helps to further boost your productivity.

What I Didn’t Like

The paper in the Simple Elephant planner seemed pretty thin. A couple of times I used a marker to write in the planner, and I could see the mark on the backside of the page. I also think that they probably could have put in a few extra pages. Yes, there is enough for a year, but there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room.


  • Freebies like stickers, an eBook, and gift box
  • A full year of planning possibility
  • Vision board and mind map pages for even more productivity and focus


  • Thin pages that allow ink and markers to bleed through
  • Not many extras, which differ from other planners on our list
  • Seems like it would easily fall apart, and other reviewers have reported the same

5. Bloom Daily Planner

The Bloom Daily Planner is our final choice for the best day planners list.

This particular planner has whimsical colors, is larger than other day planners, and has enough sheets for a full year of planning.

The Bloom Daily Planner is a full 8.5 inches by 11 inches, the size of a typical piece of paper. It has 60 sheets that you can tear out, which gives you a full year for planning.

Each page has a left column that features a daily planning area for every day of the week.

On the right, there is a section for planning things like exercise, meals, or even counting down how many glasses of water you drink.

What I Like

One of the main things that I like about the Bloom Daily Planner is the “Healthy Habits” tracker. You can list things like “Take Your Vitamins” or “Meditate Before Bed,” and there is a handy check list that you can mark off. I also love the colors and design of this planner, though I think it is better suited as a personal planner, not a professional one.

What I Didn’t Like

I really like this planner, but there were a few things that I noticed that bothered me a bit. For instance, there is not a lot of room for Saturday and Sunday planning. I still have to do things on the weekend, so I need a place to write those out! I also didn’t like the large size, though other people probably will.


  • Cute and colorful to look at with a casual design
  • Health tracking opportunities
  • Tear off pages make it easy to track by week


  • Not a lot of space for weekend planning
  • Not a good choice for a professional planner
  • It’s a pad, not a book like other planners

Best Day Planner: Buying Guide

If you are looking for a new day planner, you either have used them before and just love how they make you more productive, or you are someone who needs to get more organized in their life. Buying a day planner might seem like an easy task, but the truth is, there is a lot more that goes into it than many people realize. Here’s a guide to help:


The type of planner is definitely important. You will generally find two types: planners that are like a book or planners that are like sheets that you can tear away. We feature both of these types on our list. It really comes down to personal preference. One type isn’t better than the other.

cover materials

The cover material is important when looking for a day planner. You will be using this planner each day, and it’s going to go through a lot of use. So, you definitely want to make sure that you choose a cover material that can hold up.

Cloth and leather, sometimes cruelty free leather, are the main choices that you might see. Cloth usually gets dirtier, so keep that in mind if you want to keep your planner neat and tidy.


What are you going to use your planner for? As you have seen, planners have different features. So, before you choose a planner, take some time to think about what you want. Are you interested in the mindfulness or vision board aspects of a planner? Not all of them have these features, so you surely want to pick one that does. Do you want to track healthy habits? Again, not all planners have this feature.

inner pages

The inner pages are also something that you need to consider when buying a day planner. Some of the pages are quite simple and only have a few lines to write on. Other pages are quite complex, and they have things like checklists, calendars, and places for note taking.


Finally, consider the size of the planner. Some of the planners on our list are quite small, and they can fit right in your purse or bag. Others are much larger, the size of a typical piece of paper. The larger ones might not fit neatly in a bag or purse.

Day Planners FAQs

How to Use a Franklin Planner

There is a very simple way to use a Franklin planner, and you can look at it as a step-by-step system. The first step is to “task dump,” or write down every task that you need to get done in a day, week, or month. The second step is to look at that list, and then prioritize the tasks by importance.

As you work through your daily tasks, use marks, such as a check mark, to tick them off. You also might have other marks, such as a “D,” meaning you delegated it to someone else. The final step is to review your progress.

How to Make Your Own Planner Organizer

If, after seeing all of the planners here, you find that none of them tickle your fancy, you can certainly make your own. In fact, it’s easier than you might think. One idea is to print organizer pages off of the internet and simply create your own planner. Another idea is to buy different planners, and then cut and paste the features you like to create your own. You can also, of course, simply buy a blank book, get a ruler, and start creating!

How to Make a Planner Out of a Notebook

You can use a typical notebook to make a planner, too. The easiest way to do this is to take a ruler and use the existing lines to create a grid pattern. The blocks should be large enough to write in. You can also use the existing lines to make check lists or to track daily habits. If you really want to get fancy, you can use markers to add some color and design.

How to Make a Planner Out of a Spiral Notebook

You can also use a spiral notebook to create a planner. As above, you can use a ruler, pen, and of course, markers, to design a planner. You can easily make a calendar design, which is useful for a monthly planner, or divide the pages into seven sections that create a weekly planner. Don’t forget, however, to leave spaces on the pages for notes or other things that you might want to keep track of, too.

How to Organize Your Day Planner

There are many different ways to organize a day planner. What works for one person might not work for you, though. So, it’s best to take some time to do your research and gather some ideals on organizing. One method that people often do is to use symbols to signify certain things. For instance, you might create a symbol for a task that is not yet done, like a circle, and when you complete the task, you can fill it in.

Another thing that you can do to organize your day planner is to make use of all of the available space. Most planners have a lot of open areas use, so make sure to use it. Think about what type of things you want to track, from borrowed library books to gift ideas, and write them all down.

Adding some color is another way that you can organize your day planner. Use different colors for different tasks. For instance, use red for highly important tasks and another color, like pale blue, for tasks that might not be as important.

Final Words

We have listed five very popular day planners and reviewed each one with detail. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these day planners, and in all honesty, any of them would be a great choice. Remember, a lot of this comes down to preference, so there is one that really stood out from the crowd: The Law of Attraction Daily Planner.

Why did we choose this one? First, it’s small and compact. Some people might want something bigger, but when you can simply throw this one in your bag or purse and take it with you, it definitely adds to the convenience.

Another reason we chose this one is because it not only organizes your life, but it helps to organize your mind! The vision board aspect and mind map are awesome, and they definitely helped me to take a step back and focus on my goals. This planner also comes with some freebies, like stickers.

The one caveat is that this planner is a bit on the pricey side, coming in at around $30. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper, the Simple Elephant planner has similar features and is about $10 less.

Again, all of these planners are good picks, so you certainly won't go wrong with any of them. You might have very different needs than someone else, so one planner might be better for you than others.

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