Top 3 Best Customizable Planners of 2022 (Reviewed)

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“If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.  Stay cool.”- anonymous quote

We’ve all heard before that life is not always predictable. And we have definitely all experienced those moments of change when we are stumped and wondering what could possibly happen next.  Where we are now, is not necessarily where we will be in six months’ time and then again in six years time.

That does not mean that we should skip organizing our daily life and keep track of our goals, it just means that we must be flexible. Things change, people change, our environments change and staying positive and on track is the best way to adjust and grow.  Remember – only dead fish go with the flow!

There are many benefits to customizable planners, but the first benefit is that they can change and adjust how we want them to. Customizable planners can be undated to be used when you need it most or customizable in that you can add your favorite artwork, activity, or interest to the cover.

They can be very detailed or incredibly simplified depending on your personal needs.

Here is a brief review of 3 of the best customizable planners (dated) for 2021-2022.

Top 3 Best Customizable Planners of 2021-2022

Comparison Chart

2022 Weekly & Monthly Planner by Mead, 8-1/2″ x 11″, Large, Customizable, Caprice, Blue Floral (1319B-901)
Tools4Wisdom Hardcover 2022 Planner – 15 Month October 2021 to Dec 2022 Calendar Planner 2021-2022 with Full-Color Monthly Weekly Daily Planner Pages – 8.5×11″ w/ Tabs – O15S – Focus on the Good
Traveler Notebook Leather Small Journal Notebook,Flowers Embossed Vintage Notebook, Gift for Men & Women, Perfect to write in,5.3″ X 4″Inch Cute Travelers Journal-Black

1. Mead Weekly/Monthly Planner

Trying to get everything done on a busy schedule can require serious mental juggling skills. It takes time, patience and planning to make sure that nothing from the to-do list is left unchecked.

That is why Mead Planners & Calendars are special. They understand the struggle a busy person experiences, which is why their planners are effective.

They have a wide variety to choose from and a lot of diversity. Today, we are looking at the Weekly/Monthly Planner for 2022.


The front cover is fully customizable and has a clear sleeve so that you can insert your own cover.

It covers the customary date range from January to December and features Julian dates for the year. The months are tabbed so that you can find the date quickly.

It features two pages per week and the days are sectioned off. It also has one month on two pages with unruled blocks for open style planning. You also receive two bonus months of scheduling and a few special pages have been added.

There are different covers available and the fashion planner is wire bound.


  • Plenty of room to mark events
  • Travel sized
  • Cost effective
  • Customizable
  • Simple and clean layout


  • Some have reported that days were missing
  • Cover designs cannot be chosen and are sent at random, but as it is customizable you can personalize it once it arrives
  • The ink has some text that is bolder than others


This Mead Customizable Weekly/Monthly Planner has plenty of things going for it. It is travel sized, cost effective, and gives you enough room to plan your day. It also allows you to express your personal activities and interests by choosing your own cover.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose the cover that is shipped to you. There is not an abundance of writing space but for the price it is a great value and simple to use.

2. Tools4Wisdom Customizable Daily Planner (Refill)

Tools4Wisdom Refillable Planners are designed to be a positive tool in our daily effort at personal and professional life mastery.

These planners have quite a loyal following because of many of the unique features.

This means that you can be sure that you are selecting an excellent product that continues to impress a huge crowd of planners year after year.


This 2021-2022 planner refill measures 8.5 x 11 and provides a 4-in-1 planner and calendar.  They provide spacious 2 page weekly spread for scheduling daily, weekly, monthly events, activities, reminders, and projects.

Goals and prioritizing are also very important to this company and therefore they include many areas for you to create and stay on track of your goals as well.

Please note that this review is for the REFILL. That is where the customizable option comes in as you can add this refill kit to ANY standard 3 ring binder.  

The binder can become a dedicated planner or you can add the refill kit to a binder that you frequently use to support other parts of documenting your active lifestyle.

Tools4Wisdom is confident that they can enhance your productivity by providing you proven tools for support and achievement.  The company does extend a risk free offer with a money back guarantee. 


  • Lasts all year
  • Convenient productivity extras
  • Specifically designed to be an all in one prioritization system
  • Money back guarantee
  • Loyal client base


  • You must provide your own binder


The biggest value point for this planner is the fact that it is so effective, well designed, and that it has a clear path to staying on track with goals both personally and professionally.  

Some people may not like that they have to purchase a binder separately, however, it is a great opportunity to customize it and get exactly what you want.

3. Sueroom Traveler Small Leather Journal

Sueroom is widely known for their incredible notebooks and planners. These journals make you feel like you’re a world-weary traveler with an old soul and deep poetry.

Not only do they serve as effective planners, but they also allow room to encourage creativity and freedom of expression.


The cover is made from genuine leather and embossed with various designs. No two covers are alike, and every book is unique. When you buy this book, it is as if you have bought a customized cover.

The cover also features exposed stitching which makes the planner look stylish and adds to its durability.

The design inside the planner is professional. It can be a planner, a journal, or a sketchbook. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. It also has a great charm detail that makes it look beautiful.


  • Genuine leather cover
  • Unique
  • Space for planning/writing
  • No questions asked refund


  • The smell can be a bit much if you don’t love leather
  • The paper quality could be improved


The reviews for this product are varied and honest. This is a good sign because it means that you are getting an honest opinion about the product that you are buying. This planner has a lot of inserts that make it a bargain for the price, it also looks beautiful which is always a bonus.

There are some concerns about the product’s smell and the fact that the inserts aren’t the best quality. But these reports are few and far between, and it does not happen often which means that the product is very well received overall.

Final Words

Finding the right planner may not sound very important, but you must remember that you will be using it everyday, all year.

This planner needs to conform to your needs and motivate you to open it up. Customizable planners are great because you can determine what your planner will look to represent your personality.

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