Top 5 Best Bullet Journal Stencils to Make Your Journal Artistic

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There are a lot of ways to turn your bullet journal into a notebook full of bright colors with great designs and many shapes and drawings, but what happens if you’re good at the writing part but need help with the shapes part?

Many stencils are sold alongside bullet journals to help you make the most of your experience, and we have chosen five of what we think are the best and compared them with one another.

Now that you have your notebook and your colored pens and markers, keep reading to see what the best journal stencil is for your bullet journaling.

Top 5 Bullet Journal Stencils of 2021

Comparison Chart

26 Packs Stencils for Journal and Diary DIY Drawing Stencils, Greeting Card Template
Journal Stencils Card Template Bullet – 20 PCS Plastic Planner Stencil with Different Patterns for Journaling Scrap Booking Notebook Diary Drawing Card 4X7 Inch White
Wocst 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Drawing Painting Stencils Included Web UI/iOS Stencils for Scrapbooking, Card and Craft Projects
MORSLER Journal Stencil Plastic Planner Stencils for Journal/Notebook/Diary/Scrapbook DIY Drawing Template, 20 Piece
20 PCS Journal Stencil Plastic Planner Set for Journal Notebook Diary Scrapbook DIY Drawing Template Journal Stencils 4×7 Inch

1. Yalis Plastic Bullet Journal Stencil Set

To start off our comparison list, let’s take a look at the Gimars large-cut stencil set.

Having a good set of stencils at your side when you’re doing your bullet journaling could be a game changer for you.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this finely priced Amazon Choice set that could be ideal for using on your notebooks.


Many shapes, symbols, letters and numbers come included with the 26 stencil sheets that you get in the Yalis set. The symbols are finely cut, and most pens work with them efficiently without damaging the fine and felt tips.

Also, these stencils fit favorite notebooks such as Moleskine and other brands, and they come in environmentally friendly packaging.

When we were using the stencil, we did notice that there were some repeats of the smaller symbols, and they were slightly harder to see against white paper than the other stencils we used. Also, some of the symbols were quite small and didn’t provide a crisp outline when used.


  • Includes 26 stencil sheets with a variety of symbols
  • Can be used with the majority of pens and markers
  • Perfect fit for popular notebooks


  • Some symbols are repeated
  • Can be hard to see against white paper
  • Smaller symbols

2. M.M 20 Piece Bullet Journal Stencil Set

Moving on, here’s another affordable stencil set that you can use for your bullet journal needs.

Being able to add shapes, letters and numbers to your notebook could turn your everyday grocery list into something fun and exciting.


The M.M Bullet Journal Stencil set includes everything that’s needed to create your bullet journal.

The fun symbols are cut large enough for the majority of pens and markers, and the stencil is made from PET plastic that makes it safe for kids to use and ensures it’s easy for you to clean. It also fits the majority of A5 notebooks.

Unfortunately, because of the plastic, the stencil can slide around a bit because of the lack of grip on the paper, and it is thin and flimsy. There were also some symbols that weren’t fully punched out which caused jagged edges in those designs.


  • Easy to clean and safe for children
  • Fits the majority of notebooks
  • Includes 20 stencil sheets


  • Plastic slides around
  • Some symbols aren’t fully stamped out
  • Thin and flimsy

3. Wocst 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Bullet Journal Stencil Set

We chose this one because of solid customer reviews, low price tag and its current Amazon Choice standing. During our study, we tested it on multiple journals, and this is what we found.


The variety of stencils that come in this set makes it ideal for almost anything that you plan on decorating with them. The stencil itself is built with thicker steel which makes it difficult to bend or break, while each symbol is finely cut for easy tracing.

It includes a ruled edge which is a great benefit when you need to trace a straight line, and the edges are grinded down to ensure it’s safe to use.

While the edges are safe to handle, we did notice that they were harsh on fine-tip pens. Some of the stencils look outdated and the included pouch has the single purpose of only carrying the stencils.


  • Steel construction makes stencil durable
  • Includes a carrying pouch
  • Multiple types of stencils including shapes, letters, and numbers


  • Stencil edges are hard on felt and fine-tip pens
  • Outdated shapes and icons
  • The pouch can only be used for carrying stencils

4. MORSLER Bullet Journal Stencil Set

As we come close to the end of our comparisons, we wanted to include some stencil sets that we thought would really impress you.

The MORSLER set is one of the highest rated, Amazon Choice sets available for such a great cost. How good is it? Let’s find out.


The MORSLER Stencil Set comes with 20 pieces and a free color pen. The stencils are made of plastic, which makes them flexible, safe for kids to use and easy to clean.

There are a variety of uses for these stencils, which is one of their main selling points. You can use them for bullet journaling, scrapbooking and even recipes.

We think that storage could be improved because they can tangle with one another if they aren’t stored correctly. Additionally, we found a few symbol cut-outs that weren’t stamped all the way through, which can be a common issue with the smaller symbols in stencil sets.

These stencils are best used with fine-tipped pens because the majority of the cut-outs are meant for smaller designs, though some larger ones could be used with Sharpies and other artistic markers.


  • Includes a free color pen in 20-piece stencil set
  • Easy to clean and safe for children’s use
  • Multiple uses and can be used by both adults and kids


  • Some of the smaller symbols aren’t wholly cut out
  • Stencils can tangle together if not stored correctly
  • Best used with smaller pens

5. CH HAICHENG Bullet Journal Stencil Set – Best Overall

We’ve almost made it through our list of the best bullet journal stencils and we only have one left. Did we save the best for last? You’ll need to keep reading to find out!

The CH HAICHENG Stencil Set is another Amazon Choice with excellent consumer reviews and an affordable price, so what sets it apart from the other sets included in this comparison?


The 20-piece CH HAICHENG Bullet Journal Set is made of eco-friendly PET plastic that makes it flexible, durable, safe for kids to use and easy to clean.

Its 4 x 7 size makes it suitable for the majority of A5 notebooks, and the stencils can also get used for scrapbooks, baking and other parts of a design that require stenciling help.

It includes a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer which is a big selling point, and the variety of symbols, lettering and numbers in the sheets inspire creativity.

Some of the symbols on the stencils are extremely small and require specific pens to get any use out of them, so it’s recommended that you have a variety of mixed media to get full use of the stencils.

Also, because it’s made of plastic, there is the potential for slipping when tracing out your designs and symbols, and a couple of the smaller symbols weren’t entirely cut out.


  • Flexible, durable, long-lasting and safe for kids to use
  • Can be used for everything from bullet journaling to decorating cards
  • The manufacturer includes a customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Some symbols can only get used with specific pens such as fine felt-tip pens
  • Plastic PET material can cause slipping against paper when tracing symbols
  • Some smaller symbols aren’t fully stamped and need to be pushed out

Final Verdict

Figuring out which are the best bullet journal stencils isn’t as easy as you’d think.

For the most part, the majority of these stencil sets performed very similarly, had great customer reviews and Amazon Choice statuses and were all in the same price range. However, the CH HAICHENG Bullet Journal Set is the one that stood out the most.

When looking at and using the stencil set, we found that while some symbols weren’t fully stamped, this was less of an issue than with the other sets.

We also found that it had the widest variety of usable symbols with different types of media, and had a price point that is within reach of most consumers.

If you’re looking for the best bullet journal stencils for yourself or your child, the CH HAICHENG is a recommended safe bet.

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