Top 5 Best Bullet Journal Notebook of 2021 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Bullet journaling has been around for some time but with the expansion of social media, in particular Instagram, it’s blown up to become a cult form of journaling.

Bullet journals are supposed to help you use your creativity and get more done using to-do lists, but if you’re just beginning, where do you start? We reached into our bullet journal notebook collection to pull out five for comparison purposes so we can help to answer that question.

Let’s break down the best notebooks.

Top 5 Best Bullet Journal Notebooks in 2021

Comparison Chart

Dotted Bullet Notebook with Pen Loop – Elegant Black Leather Notebook with Premium Thick Paper (A5) – Lemome Best Gift for You
Minimalism Art, Premium Hard Cover Notebook Journal, Small Size, Classic 5″ x 8.3″, 122 Numbered Pages, Gusseted Pocket, Ribbon Bookmark, Extra Thick Ink-Proof Paper 120gsm (Ruled, Amber)
C.R. Gibson Brown Bonded Leather Journal, 240 Ruled Pages
Refillable Handmade Travelers Notebook, Leather Travel Journal Notebook for Men & Women, Perfect for Writing, Gifts, Travelers, Small Size 5.2″ x 4″ Inches – Coffee
Ruled Journals/Notebooks,WERTIOO Leather Diary Hardcover Classic Writing notebook A5 Dotted Pages Thick Paper Business Gift for Men Women

1. Lemome Dotted Leather Notebook/ Journal

Many people use bullet journaling as a way to express their creativity and get things out of their mind and onto paper, but there is so much more that can be done with it.

Our first choice on our comparison list is the Lemome Dotted Leather Notebook. The price is incredible for what you get and most reviews are very positive.

The beautifully designed Lemome bullet journals are available with a variety of page designs including ruled, squared, blank and dotted.

The cover is constructed to protect the pages, while the pages are measured correctly for drawing (even with Sharpies), writing, keeping track of plans or just writing down thoughts.

The binding of the journal holds its shape, and the suede cover doesn’t pull away from the pages. When using the journal, we did notice a small amount of page bleeding and ghosting when using heavier markers, and it would have been useful to have an elastic strap to hold the journal shut. Also, the dots on the pages were lighter than we would have liked.


  • Variety of page types available
  • Pages stay in place when the spine is bent backward
  • Ribbon bookmark included


  • No elastic strap to hold the notebook closed
  • Some noticeable bleeding and ghosting
  • No numbered pages

2. Minimalism Art Classic Ruled Notebook

The second journal is the Minimalism Art Classic Ruled Notebook that has been an Amazon Choice and is highly rated by customers for a long time.

While there are a variety of options available including notebooks with different colors and page choices, for the sake of this article we are looking at the A5, ruled paper version.

This notebook motivates you to write. The paper is smooth and pleasant to the touch with minimal bleeding and ghosting, though the parchment is on the thinner side.

The binding is stitched nicely and doesn’t crack when opening the notebook entirely, while the cover is high-quality, durable and soft.

It’s also a great size and lightweight, which makes it easier to carry around.

Unfortunately, the pages aren’t numbered with this journal, but if you don’t mind drawing them in, it shouldn’t deter you from purchasing it. There also isn’t any index, and the ruled lines were a faint blue.


  • Very affordably priced
  • Nicely stitched binding
  • Easy to travel with and lightweight


  • Thinner paper
  • Unnumbered pages
  • Lack of journal index

3. Markings by C.R. Gibson MJ5-4792 Genuine Bonded Leather Journal

Now that we’re halfway through the list, we bet you’re as inspired to do some creative writing as we are. You can’t do it if you still don’t have a journal, though.

Next up, we’re looking at this journal from Markings by C.R. Gibson.

It’s a genuinely bonded leather journal, and the exceptionally favorable consumer reviews are what make it a contender for the title of best bullet journal notebook.

Using this notebook was easier than expected. The durable cover stood up against water damage, being tossed into and pulled out of bags, and even dirty hands.

The paper has a nice weight and has very minimal bleeding and ghosting. Other positives to the journal include the elastic band that holds it shut and the place marker.

One thing we noticed is that the notebook doesn’t lay completely flat, which could make it challenging for left-handed writers to use. We also saw that you sometimes have to hold down the page as you write.


  • Cover stood up against water damage
  • Included elastic band and placeholder
  • Minimal bleeding and ink ghosting


  • Notebook doesn’t lay flat
  • Need to pay attention to sizing parameters
  • Need to hold down pages when writing

4. Robrasim Refillable Handmade Traveler’s Notebook

The Robrasim Traveler’s Notebook brings a mystical edge to journaling, and there was no way that it could get left out with its stunning design and multiple uses.

While this notebook is a touch more expensive than the others, we happen to think the price is more than worth it. Find out why below.

There are more pros than cons that come with this notebook, and the aesthetics are one of the best things about it. Unlike notebooks that look worse the more you break them in, this traveler’s notebook actually looks better when the leather gets worn in.

It comes in a variety of sizes that make it a suitable option for anyone looking to start journaling.

The piece of elastic that holds the notebook shut is the same one that keeps the middle of it together so if it’s difficult to replace if necessary.

There was minimum bleeding, the different types of paper inside of the journal are of good quality and the design itself is very durable. We did notice that the metal tag continuously flipped over, so we ended up removing it to get better use.


  • Beautiful and unique design
  • A refillable notebook that uses multiple types of paper
  • Durable construction and built for wear and tear


  • Some bleeding and ghosting
  • Metal tag consistently flips over and might need to be removed
  • Same elastic is used for journal closure and the middle of the notebook

5. WERTIOO Leather Journal Notebook

Finishing up our comparison list, we bring the WERTIOO Leather Journal Notebook straight from our best bullet journal notebook collection.

It’s a favorite. WERTIOO journals never disappoint, and their reputation, affordability and nearly perfect consumer reviews show why though this might be the last on the list, it certainly isn’t the least.

One thing that we noticed instantly with this journal is how easy the pages are to write on, regardless of if you’re right- or left-handed.

The hardcover is durable, and the sleek design with a tree embossed into the leather makes it suitable for both men and women of all ages.

There is an elastic strap that keeps the journal shut which is beneficial, and as a bonus, it comes with a bookmark and a ribbon to mark your spot. It has three types of pages including dotted, lined and blank, so all of your journaling needs are met.

There was a small amount of bleeding and ghosting when using heavier pens and markers, and we did find that the dots on the dotted pages were a bit hard to see. Outside of that, the included pocket could have been a bit bigger, but it does fit the bookmark so it’s not so bad.


  • Nice yellowish tint to pages that are easy to write on
  • Multi-purpose and suitable for men and women
  • Includes dotted, lined and blank pages to meet specific needs


  • Some bleeding and ghosting with markers such as Sharpies
  • Dots on the dotted pages were faint
  • Pocket could be bigger

Final Words

Now that all of our favorite journals have been compared, it’s time to point out which one is our best choice for 2020. We looked at the price range, usage, bleeding and ghosting, page quality, environmentally friendly options and many other specifics to choose what we think is the best.

After all was said and done, we chose the WERTIOO Leather Journal Notebook. Not only does it have an affordable price tag that’s within reach of the majority of writers, it also has almost perfect consumer reviews, multipurpose functions and is all around a beautiful notebook that anyone would find useful.

The multiple types of pages in the journal are just another reason why it was our top pick. It saves you from having to purchase different notebooks to meet your needs. If you’re just starting out with journaling or if you’re someone that’s been doing it for years, we have no doubts that you’re going to love the WERTIOO notebook as much as we did.

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