At-A-Glance Planner Review: Best Weekly: Monthly Planner for 2022?

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This At-A-Glance product by can be used both as a monthly planner as well as to serve as an event reminder (appointments, social events or birthdays). You can follow all of your social or work events in one single glance since the layout features a calendar spread. The two-page spread has generously spaced unruled blocks which provide sufficient space to note down all of the things you want to keep track of and schedule all of your tasks.

The 2022 At-A-Glance Planner can be used for thirteen months. It has a simple, not over the top design and comes with a beautiful leather cover.   It has perforated memo pages and a section for notes, addresses, and contact details for important resources.

This is the kind of planner that will be loved by individuals looking for simple yet efficient planning. Another bonus feature is that this planner is also offered in a larger size for someone looking for a bit more space (the size reviewed is 5-3/4″ x 8-1/2″, the larger size measures 8-3/4″ x 11″).

AT-A-GLANCE Planner Review

What You’ll get?

  • Twin Wire Binding and Brass Corner Protectors
  • 3 Year Reference Calendar
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planner
  • Contacts, Notes, and Events Page
  • Weekly and Monthly Spreads
  • Double-sided Pocket to Store Loose Papers
  • Extra space for notes


The planner has a lot of functional features that will help you organize your life and stay on top of everything in a simple, efficient way. The planner’s many features are detailed below to let you know what to expect from it and whether it will fit your needs or not.

Organization Structure and Layout:

In this planner, each month is displayed across two adjacent pages, in the form of a spread, for each day blocks are consisting of significant space to let you schedule away in detail or write down all of your tasks if you have plenty.

Telephone and Address Pages:

The planner has some pages specifically to add the contact information of people such as their telephone number, address, email address, etc. This is perfect to note down information for all the key people you need to stay in touch with.

Perforated Memo Section:

The planner features a perforated memo section with easily rip-able pages where you can jot down everything you need to take note of and this way if you ever feel the need to, you can share all these rip-out notes very easily with anyone.

Appearance and other details:

The cover of this planner is a smooth, leather-like cover with an olive painted edge for a polished look that’s perfect for today’s modern professionals.

What We Like

This thirteen month planner by At-A-Glance has plenty of advantages over other planners that make it work well for everyone when it comes to your organization and tracking needs such as:

  • Since the memo pages are perforated they can be perfect for someone who hands out notes quite often
  • The quality of the planner is quite nice
  • The binding of the planner is top quality, so you will not have pages falling out even if you put it through a lot of use
  • The planner has a very classic style which gives a timeless feel
  • The size of the planner is perfect and can be put in your bag or purse easily
  • The block layout for each day is perfect who likes to look ahead at future months in one look

What We Don’t Like

Just like everything else it does have a few cons which will not make it suitable for everyone.

  • People that like to schedule their daily tasks in a lot more detail and like writing down notes, lists and goals for the day might find themselves running out of space
  • The calendar layout can seem a little monotonous and dull to some people


Overall this planner has a lot of good features that make it suitable for anyone whether it is a student looking to track projects and assignment submission deadlines on a calendar, a blogger trying to schedule blog dates or a businessperson looking to plan and schedule their tasks in detail while visualizing the entire month.

The quality of the planner is impeccable and anyone who is seeking to get a planner that helps them to remember their tasks for the month would love to use it.

The 2022 At-A-Glance planner would work especially well for those people that want a business or work planner to track appointments for their busy work schedules and any social events that they feel like they might forget.

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