Artfan Planner: World’s Most Powerful Personal Organization Planner (Review)

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Most planners are designed only for listing down plans, events, and a few important notes that you need to remember and keep track of. This is probably the most basic and important function of a planner.

While this kind of planner helps you to be productive and efficient, sometimes, listing down and keeping track of things just doesn’t make the cut. This is where goal-setting planners enter.

The Artfan Planner’s World Most Powerful Personal Organization Planner is specifically designed to be more than just your average planner; it has been created to be your best buddy not only for keeping track of notes, plans, and to-do lists, but also to help you to be the most productive and efficient person that you can be – definitely more than just a planner.

Artfan Planner Review

What You’ll get?

  • Calendar
  • Monthly Goals Planner
  • Yearly Goals
  • Time Management
  • Reflecting Back Section
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • eBooks


Take a look below to see what sets this planner apart from all the planners available in the market today.

  • The planner is undated.
  • Not your ordinary planner as this one provides a daily, weekly, and monthly pages that revolve your plans of specific goals.
  • It has been said that listing down every day the things that you are most grateful for helps you achieve more in life, hence, a section has been provided in this planner for that specific purpose.
  • Created from 100% recycled paper, you are sure that you area helping reducing wastes in the environment.
  • Encased in leather that is classic and elegant-looking, making it suitable for anyone who wishes to use it.

What We Like

  • Unique
  • Motivating
  • Flexible with its undated feature, this planner allows you to use it whenever you want it, no strict or locked-in dates.
  • Environment-friendly

What We Don’t Like

  • Undated planners can be confusing for some
  • Can be too stiff for some

Versus Other Products

Goal-setting features are the key qualities of the Artfan Planner’s World Most Powerful Personal Organization Planner, however, another planner with a definitive feature of having a pursuit for happiness, not just productivity.

The Panda Planner Pro – Best Daily Planner for Happiness & Productivity is also available in the market today to help you pursue not only your goals but your overall happiness as well.

It is equipped with daily, weekly, and monthly layouts and spaces for gratitude and reviewing how the past days of your life have been, this planner also aims to be your best buddy when it comes to goal-setting, pursuing them, and still maintaining your happiest self. Choosing between the two boils down to what your priorities are basically.


Being an un-dated planner, allows you to customize it however you want it and provides a more flexible option for you when it comes to dating the pages of the planner. This planner allows you to keep track of your plans, take down notes, and set your goals.

It is specifically designed to be a goal-setting planner, this tool from Artfan Planner allows you to plan, and not just plan, but to plan the things that are crucial and beneficial for the plans that you have listed down.

Unlike other planners, it is created from environment-friendly sources. It is made from 100% recycled paper; there is no guilt and shame when purchasing this planner. On the contrary, this undated planner might not be your best bet so if you are the kind of person who gets confused with dates easily, it is not the one for you.

Also, if you wish to purchase a simple planner for the simplest of reasons like just keeping track of things, then this planner from Artfan Planner can be overwhelming with its pages designed for goal-setting. This planner is equipped with time slots that begin from 7 am and end at 9 in the evening.

If this isn’t your thing, then this planner can be a bit of a problem with the flexibility that you are looking for.

Final Words

The Artfan Planner’s World Most Powerful Personal Organization Planner is indeed a great candidate to be the best tool for your goal-setting and goal pursuits. It is handy, simple to use, and equipped with the basic layouts and contents that a planner should have.

It is also built with spaces for setting your goals and dedicates a layout that helps you resolve your plans over your goals – not every planner functions as such. Truly unique and efficient, this planner is a great investment to plan your best life yet.

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