Best Planners

Best Planners

To stay on top of everything one needs to have a firm grip on what tasks you have to do and how to do them while scheduling them to make sure you can check them off later you need to have a planner. In this modern age of digital planners where everything involves the click of a button, a paper planner may seem outdated to some, but the way writing something down in a notebook helps you in staying organized nothing else can.

The act of picking up a pen and putting it on paper to write something makes your mind work in a different way and ticking your tasks off a list motivates you.

Physically turning pages makes you feel like you are moving forward, just holding something in your hand for creating a system for yourself that can help you get more organized and get you to work can stop you from procrastinating will actually get you working on everything you need to accomplish.

In this article we will be discussing different kinds of planners and what you should look for in a planner. This will give you an idea of what an amazing range of planners is available in the market and what you can get for yourself while getting what exactly you should be looking for in a planner to make sure it devises a good work system for you.

Buying guide for Planners

Now finding a planner that works perfectly for you and is going to cater to your needs is very important to make sure you have fun using it and don’t find filling it a task, here is what you should think of when you go on to buy a planner.

Size and Weight:

If you are someone who would want to take your planner with you everywhere then you should consider the size and weight of the planner, it should be able to fit in your bag and should not weigh much.


There are monthly, weekly and detailed day-by-day planners available in the market, so you should figure out how you would like to plan and then get whichever of the three options that cater to you best.

Binding Style:

You can either get coiled alterable planners and disc-bound style planners as well. Or just ones like normal notebooks.


Pick a design that is perfect for you, since you will be spending quite a lot of time on your planner and filling it.


A planner is something you would most probably carry around with you to fill on the go if the need arises. Therefore it will go through a lot of wear and tear so make sure before getting one that it is quite strong and sturdy.





Tools4Wisdom Planner -January to December 2018 – Daily-Weekly-Monthly Organizer     (8.5 x 11 Soft Cover) $$ 4.6/5
Panda Planner Pro – Undated Daily Planner for Organizing Happiness, Productivity, Gratitude, & Goals ( 8.5 x 11″ softcover )$$$ 4.6/5
 AT-A-GLANCE 2018 Weekly-Monthly Planner, ( 5-3/4 x 8-1/2″ leather-like softcover ) $ 4.9/5
Carpe Diem shown in Coral Posh Non Dated Planner Boxed Set ( 10.2 x 9.5″ ) $$$ 4.8/5
LUCKY Life Planner 2018: Goal setter + Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Yearly Agenda, Calendar, and Journal ( 7.8 x 9.2″ ) $$$ 4.7/5
Law of Attraction Life Planner – Weekly Planner, Organizer, & Gratitude Journal (Black Undated) + BONUS Planner Stickers $$ 4.6/5
 Action Publishing 2018 Minimalist Compact Planner – 12 Monthly Calendar Overview, To-do Lists, Weekly and Daily Planning (3 size options) $ 4.4/5
bloom daily planners Bound To-Do List Book – Planning System – Tear Off To Do Pads – UNDATED Daily Planner To Do Pad( 6″ x 8.25″ ) $  4.4/5
Keep Work-Life Balance & Achieve a “Little More” Goals – Non Dated Calendar Planner ( 8.5 X 5.7″ ) $$  4.4/5
  Passion Planner 2018 – Compact Size – Appointment Calendar, Sketchbook, & Reflection Journal $$ 4.9/5

5 Best Planners

2018 Planner and Calendar by Tools4Wisdom ( 8.5 x 11 softcover )

This Tools4Wisdom planner works on the principle of question-driven planning. Planning while asking questions stimulates the mind and opens up a wealth of creative ideas inside it to make sure you work to be your best self.

Each page serves as a guide to planning on doing more and to stick to that plan. It will help you stay focused by setting priorities and a vision for the year.


The planner works on boosting your focus and helping you gain clarity using its plenty of cool features, the main features of the planner are given below:

  • 5-in-1 Planning System:
  • Easy to setup and maintain, the planner has a research-based system to help you stay focused.
  • A calendar to track events.
  • A page to chart your yearly goals by answering questions that stimulate your brain into really thinking and envisioning what you want to accomplish this year.
  • Monthly pages that help you in setting goals both personally and professionally.
  • Daily and weekly pages which let you prioritize your tasks and jot down notes for the day or week.
  • The planner is high quality and consists of hundreds of ink proof pages to ensure neat planning.
  • The design of this particular planner is stunning, and it has been designed with the aid of several creative experts to stimulate productivity.
  • Extras: The planner has monthly tabs and loose leaf pockets as well which allow for document storage.


This planner has been featured in Forbes and is used by many professionals and bloggers, which says a lot about it and how good it is. Some of its pros are:

  • It is very easy to maintain, and it will free up time in your day.
  • It is goal oriented and motivates you to achieve your goals.
  • The question format works well in letting your creative juices flow.
  • The sturdy cover, ink proof pages, and sturdiness scream quality.


Although very few, but some people might not like the planner because:

  • The black and white pages might not be preferred by individuals that like a splash of color.
  • The size is not exactly small so it might be a little hard to carry around.


Overall this planner is great for people who would like a format to help them maximize their time and thoughts about their month, and those that are looking for a yearly, monthly, daily and weekly planner all in one should go for this planner.



Best Non Dated Daily Calendar and Gratitude Journal by Panda Planner to Increase Happiness, Productivity and Time Management

Using Scientific approaches and strategies to productivity and happiness this planner is great for anyone who wants a daily planner without dates and personal organizer to help them get their work done as well as achieve a work and life balance in doing so. The planner helps prioritize your tasks and lets you manage your time efficiently.


This planner has plenty of features that make it a favorite among planner enthusiasts, the features of Panda Planner are highlighted below:

  • Daily section: This section has an area to write thoughts at the beginning and end of each day. It also provides space to jot down your important tasks for the day, set their schedule and enable you to prioritize them.
  • Weekly section: This enables you to review your previous week, plan the week ahead and allows you to write down all your goals for the next week, as well as project breakdown
  • Monthly section: With a calendar spread this section is perfect for you to record upcoming events. You can review the month that has gone and can plan the month next.
  • Technical details: the planner comes in a rich, beautiful black color and has a very simple design with a panda face etched on it. The planner has a very nice standard size and A5 pages.


The Panda Planner is loved by many for the following reasons:

  • The size is perfect to carry around in your bag to make note of anything while on the go or working from the local coffee shop.
  • It inspires you and motivates you to do better by reflecting on your day, month, and week while also encouraging you set new goals for tasks to come.
  • It instills positivity with features like setting a habit for the month and morning review to write down your thoughts.
  • It helps you schedule your tasks and prioritize them in accordance with importance or urgency.
  • If there is any reason that the Panda Planner doesn’t absolutely meet your needs it comes with a no questions asked return policy.


The planner may be lacking in some places, are these cons for you too:

  • The planner is not dated so it does take a bit longer to get started as the dates must be filled in manually.
  • If you need a heavy duty or more rugged planner that can take a bit of a beating, check out our recommendations for planners with a hardcover or leather option.
  • The planner only has enough pages to last 6 months if used for 7 day per week planning.  If using it only Monday through Friday then it will last a bit longer.


This planner is more than just a planner it helps you fix your procrastination habits and kick them out of your life by setting goals and prioritizing your goals, keeping you accountable.

It also promotes happiness and productivity in your life, leaving it much more organized. It is ideal for people who love a simple and minimal design.
this planner.


Elegant and Professional At-A-Glance 2018 Monthly Planner and Appointment Book

This planner is for anyone looking for something classic with a rich finish that inspires them to plan their month and lets them keep track of all their social events, appointments or project deadlines.

Made to last 13 months, it is the kind of planner that you can look at your month quickly because of its layout which highlights key information, so you always know where and what you should be focusing your time on (hopefully you have some down time scheduled in there).


Here are the features we found most striking and beneficial about this AT-A-GLANCE Planner:

  • Time span: It covers a total of 13 months.
  • Appearance: Smooth leather-like cover with a painted edge for a polished look that’s perfect for today’s modern professionals.
  • Layout: It has a two-page calendar spread for every month with quite spacious blocks for each day where you can write down all your social events, project deadlines, little reminders or work appointments.
  • Extras: It has a section for telephone or address tracking to keep their contact details right at hand for your VIP family, friends, and business connections.


This planner really scores a home run by providing the following advantages:

  • It has a straightforward approach.
  • It lets you keep track of all your events in one single glance.
  • The pages are very good quality and prevent ink bleeds.
  • The planner is quite sturdy and good quality.
  • It’s a very classic design with a gorgeous minimalist finish.


A few things we didn’t care for but might not bother you:

  • It has a very serious monotonous approach that some people might not like.
  • The planner is not ideal for people that like making lists, prioritizing them or write about their day in detail.


This planner will work best for people that want something that helps track their work or school life, tracking project dates, appointments, and tasks on a simpler level.

Also, this is a great choice for those that like planning their month ahead and being able to look at it in one glance. It does not require you to fill it daily and will take very little of your time.

Carpe Diem shown in Coral Posh Non Dated Planner Boxed Set

The planner, like its name suggests, helps you seize the day and encourages you be your best, most productive self. With a beautiful faux leather, colorful cover (several color options to choose from), the planner allows you to coordinate for a year with its monthly and weekly pages in addition to a lot of other cool inserts and dividers that make planning more fun and beautiful.


This unique planner possesses these features we adore:

  • It has 12 monthly calendar pages that let you plan the month. It also has 12 monthly tabbed dividers.
  • It comes with 72 weekly inserts to plan all your weeks.
  • It comes with an acetate dashboard with silver foil and one metallic charm so it is very cute with its several decorative inserts.
  • The planner comes in a range of fun colors and has A5 pages.


The planner has the following advantages that set it apart:

  • Attention has been paid to each and every detail which results in an overall amazing planner.
  • The planner is very cute, and the faux leather cover is beautiful.
  • It comes with plenty of extra decoratives knick knacks.
  • Since it is a split leather planner it is great for alteration and customization.
  • The binder is very secure and sturdy.
  • Because it is non dated, it can be started anytime.


It lacks in some places, and it has the following cons:

  • The pages are a little wider than standard A5 pages.
  • The planner is a bit heavier than others, so it is not ideal for carrying around.


Anyone that likes customizing and altering their planner and like giving it their personal touch would love this planner. It also is very beautiful, and people who look for little details in designs would like it.

The planner with its fun look and personal touch will really motivate you to seize the day.

LUCKY Life Planner 2018: Goal setter + Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Agenda, Calendar, and Journal

Unlike regular planners, this LUCKY Life Planner helps you align your daily schedule with your life goals & priorities. It also nudges you to plan a fuller, more balanced life, and gives you innovative tools to deal with common life challenges.

This 14-month hardcover agenda for 2018 features quality paper that won’t let pens and highlighters bleed through, a ribbon bookmark, tabs, and it is spiral bound with a Wire-O.


This planner features a lot of things that help you with all your planning needs. Such as:

  • The organization of the daily, weekly, and monthly format support your focus on top goals and priorities.
  • Task list are kept in direct sight to help keep you keep checking off boxes while keeping up with the daily tracking of accomplishments.
  • Provides tons of support for creating new weekly habits and tracking your routines.
  • Monthly goal setting and project timeline monitoring is provided for easy time management.
  • This planner also includes a LifeMap (Life Areas) which helps you see your whole life at a glance.
  • Lucky Life Planners also place a emphasis on prioritizing (Life Balance) that helps you put your life areas and goals in order of current priority.


The following aspects will make you love it:

  • Great for customization and adding a personal touch.
  • Comes with plenty of cool things to make your planner as personalized as possible
  • The layout is such that you can not only write lists and tasks but your thoughts as well.
  • It comes with a lot of knick-knacks like notes, tabs, menus, and complimentary downloadable content which are a plus.
  • This planner comes in two different color choices as well as being able to choose a hard or soft cover and an option for the interior paper.


It has the following disadvantages:

  • Some people might find it a little too detailed.
  • Pen holder elastic may loosen over time and you may find yourself missing a pen.


Overall this planner is for all those out there that like planning with all it nifty details and like personalizing their planner with plenty of things, the attention that has been paid to details in this planner will definitely make you fond of it.

Final Verdict

Having a planner is the perfect way to look at your tasks in a positive light and to tackle them head on by devising strategies to prioritize and schedule them. Once you schedule your tasks and projects, they will not seem as daunting as they would as when all of your thoughts are flying around in your head with nowhere to land.

Besides, if you are someone who can often be forgetful of events or project due dates, this keeps you on task and prevents regrets. Once you quickly and easily adjust to making notes, using a personal planner becomes a way of life you won’t like to be without in the future.

Most successful people use a planner to stay on top of everything and to keep their life organized preventing ideas, goals, and deadlines from getting lost or forgotten. It is a great way of gaining clarity of mind as well.

So if you are a planner user or if you just are thinking of getting one, these five options are pretty amazing, and we hope you find one that completely fits your needs to help you organize your life in a way that changes it for the better. Hi Flippa