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  • Do Planners Really Help?

    Do Planners Really Help?

    Maximize the most of each day whether it be total relaxation or full on productivity.“By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.”- Benjamin Franklin We live in a society obsessed with digital advancement. We are seeing the rise of virtual assistants and our calendars are becoming smarter than us! But despite... Continue reading

  • The Different Types Of Planners

    The Different Types Of Planners

    Which planner personality are you?The Different Types of Planners There are all sorts of people in this great big world. We love this diversity, because it means that we get to be whoever we want. We do not all plan in the same way, and we do not all live at... Continue reading

  • How to customize your planner?

    How to customize your planner?

    Planners are very important for people who love to have their days scheduled and want to achieve their goals, plans and want to keep up with important events. Customizing your planner is a great way to keep you excited and enthusiastic for your tasks planned. Fill your planner with colors... Continue reading

  • How to organize your planner?

    How to organize your planner?

    Planning has always been an excellent way to keep up with daily commitments, met new goals, remember important dates and budgeting your living expenses. For this purpose, nothing can be more useful than a planner. But unfortunately, not many people know how to handle a planner. An unorganized planner is... Continue reading

  • Best Day Planner for Mom

    Best Day Planner for Mom

    Moms are amazing people. They are able to accomplish so many things in a day and still manage to remember every little detail about their husbands and their kids. She is the only one who takes care of everyone’s likes, dislikes, allergies and all those other details. Just because a... Continue reading

  • What to Look for in a Planner

    What to Look for in a Planner

    It can be quite a chore for people to remember everything that goes on in their lives. From the biggest events such as birthdays and anniversaries to the tiniest ones such as having to go to the dentist or when you need to make your monthly payments, you find it... Continue reading

  • What Planners Do

    What Planners Do

    A planner, well, plans. But you’re the one that does the planning, and it helps you with that. So basically, you are the planner, but the thing you’re using to plan is called a planner too. It’s pretty self-explanatory, mind you. Puns aside, we live in an era of the... Continue reading

  • Planners below $20

    Planners below $20

    Even though we are so attached to our mobile phones that we forget about any other items that can help us organize our days or even week, the truth is that we need some of these items. One such item is a planner. While our smartphones are equipped with planners... Continue reading

  • How to Use Planners

    How to Use Planners

    So, you finally got yourself an expensive notebook with a leather cover and you’re wondering how you can actually succeed in life with a bunch of papers. Depending on how skeptical you are, maybe you should refund it. However, if you do believe that this is your new beginning, sit... Continue reading

  • Planners for College Students

    Planners for College Students

    How’s that road to graduation going? Need a hand? Have you considered a notebook which is also a diary, a class schedule, a week scheduler and a life coach? Introducing: planners. Out of every layer of society, students are those that can benefit the most from these simple yet amazing... Continue reading