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  • What to Look for in a Planner

    What to Look for in a Planner

    It can be quite a chore for people to remember everything that goes on in their lives. From the biggest events such as birthdays and anniversaries to the tiniest ones such as having to go to the dentist or when you need to make your monthly payments, you find it... Continue reading

  • What Planners Do

    What Planners Do

    A planner, well, plans. But you’re the one that does the planning, and it helps you with that. So basically, you are the planner, but the thing you’re using to plan is called a planner too. It’s pretty self-explanatory, mind you. Puns aside, we live in an era of the... Continue reading

  • Planners below $20

    Planners below $20

    Even though we are so attached to our mobile phones that we forget about any other items that can help us organize our days or even week, the truth is that we need some of these items. One such item is a planner. While our smartphones are equipped with planners... Continue reading

  • How to Use Planners

    How to Use Planners

    So, you finally got yourself an expensive notebook with a leather cover and you’re wondering how you can actually succeed in life with a bunch of papers. Depending on how skeptical you are, maybe you should refund it. However, if you do believe that this is your new beginning, sit... Continue reading

  • Planners for College Students

    Planners for College Students

    How’s that road to graduation going? Need a hand? Have you considered a notebook which is also a diary, a class schedule, a week scheduler and a life coach? Introducing: planners. Out of every layer of society, students are those that can benefit the most from these simple yet amazing... Continue reading

  • Day-Timer Leather Planner Review

    Day-Timer Leather Planner Review

    Today’s world has arguably evolved a lot in the past couple of decades as compared to the changes from the previous century. This can be attributed, in part, to the advances that our species has achieved with the help of technology. Technology, which is also constantly and quickly evolving, has... Continue reading

  • Top-Down Abstract Planner Review

    Top-Down Abstract Planner Review

    In the advent of digital and technological advancement, a number of people today would jot down their plans and notes on their trusty mobile phones. Mobile phones have evolved drastically over the last couple of years, performing not only messaging and call functions, but also a number of extra ones... Continue reading

  • Er Way Daily Planner Calendar Schedule Organizer and Journal Notebook Review

    Er Way Daily Planner Calendar Schedule Organizer and Journal Notebook Review

    In this digital age where everyone has a computer, tablet, and a smartphone, writing your plans and goals on sheets of paper may already feel obsolete. You can whip out your mobile device on the go and you can already input whatever you need with just a few taps and... Continue reading

  • PoliAgendas Planner 2017 Review

    PoliAgendas Planner 2017 Review

    Who doesn’t know and love planners? Considered as a staple office and school supply by many, planners are basically tools that help people to jot down important notes, keep track of plans and events, and even record their day-to-day thoughts and activities like what journals and diaries offer. Planners come... Continue reading

  • Freedom Planner’s World’s Most Powerful Personal Organization Planner Review

    Freedom Planner’s World’s Most Powerful Personal Organization Planner Review

    Most planners are designed only for listing down plans, events, and a few important notes that you need to remember and keep track of. This is probably the most basic and important function of a planner. While this kind of planner helps you to be productive and efficient, sometimes, listing... Continue reading